Kerry flip flops on WMD

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    Kerry Flip-flops on Missing WMDs

    While the Washington press corps seems to have missed it, WABC Radio's Steve Malzberg has been playing a clip of Sen. John Kerry in his biggest flip-flop yet - showing the presumptive Democratic nominee suddenly admitting that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction may soon turn up.

    It's quite a turnaround for Kerry, who just a few weeks ago was complaining, "George Bush sold us on going to war with Iraq based on the threat of weapons of mass destruction. But we still haven't found them . . . . We were misled about weapons of mass destruction."

    Key Kerry backer Howard Dean has been even more adamant, insisting to CNN earlier this month, "There were no weapons of mass destruction . . . This is Bushgate, which is far more serious than Watergate."

    But Tuesday night on MSNBC's "Hardball," Kerry retreated.

    "It appears, as they peel away the weapons of mass destruction issue - and we may yet find them," he told host Chris Matthews. "Look, I want to make it clear. Who knows if a month from now, three months from now, you find some weapons? You may."

    Coincidentally or not, Kerry's reversal came a day after the Jordanian government announced that WMDs from Syria were part of an al Qaida plot to kill 80,000 people in Amman with poison gas. At least one of the plotters has admitted he was trained in Iraq.

    The top Democrat's flip-flop also followed news that a suspected weapons of mass destruction production facility in Baghdad - disguised as a perfume factory - unexpectedly blew up, killing two GI's who were searching the plant.
  2. I hate to give the Bush team too much credit for being clever, because they always end up disappointing me. But considering how far out on the limb the Dem's are on this "No WMD's" issue, Kerry may be worried that they are being set up for a sandbagging. If they suddenly produce clear evidence of WMD's, the Dem's are going to have to eat a lot of crow.
  3. i'm not so sure about that (at least in the minds of those who think).

    bush made the case for the war that the WMDs were ready to be deployed at any time, which was why "we" couldn't wait to invade. bush has already lost the WMD bet, since it's been over a year.

    the other lost bet that everyone seems to have forgotten about amidst the quagmire is "fear and awe" - remember rumsfelon all-too-confidently telling reporters FEAR AND AWE. fear and awe.

    2004 hasn't been a good year for "fear and awe," either...:mad: