Kerry angers black people

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    Civil Rights Group Seeks Kerry Apology

    WASHINGTON - The head of a civil rights and legal services advocacy group wants Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites) to apologize for saying he wouldn't be upset if he could be known as the second black president.

    "John Kerry is not a black man — he is a privileged white man who has no idea what it is in this country to be a poor white in this country, let alone a black man," said Paula Diane Harris, founder of the Andrew Young National Center for Social Change.

    Last week, Kerry told the American Urban Radio Network: "President Clinton (news - web sites) was often known as the first black president. I wouldn't be upset if I could earn the right to be the second."

    Kerry's spokesman Chad Clanton said: "This was intended as a light-natured remark about President Clinton's strong legacy with African Americans It is a legacy that John Kerry would like to build upon if elected president. John Kerry has a record of fighting for civil rights and as president he will continue this fight."

    Harris also criticized civil rights leaders who "sit back and ignore these types of comments, a practice that further insults African Americans."

    "It seems that all these leaders care about is their personal agendas in how a 'John Kerry' will keep up their personal causes," she said.

    The Andrew Young National Center for Social Change, based in Harrisburg, Pa., provides legal services to the poor.
  2. i thought he wanted to be known as the "2nd Irish-American" President......oh, wait, I've forgotten, much as he has (boy, isn't that amazing) that he's not irish at all....though questioned over many years about his ethinicity/religion (I guess itz alwayz malleable) it turns out he's as Irish as a knish.....well knock me over with a feather....