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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Bilbo Baggins, Jan 5, 2002.

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  1. Does anyone know of a web site or email address for Kent Calhoun.

  2. "Ken Calhoun" or "Kent Calhoun"?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys but I am looking for a contact for Kent Calhoun not Ken Calhoun, these are two totally different people.

    From the little I know, I believe Kent Calhoun used to be very active promoting his futures trading courses a few years ago.
  4. Be very careful with Kent Calhoun. He has CFTC actions/lawsuits against him. Here is one of the many links to him at the CFTC:

    Nice to see a hobbit on Elite :)
  5. Thanks for the link to that Vikana, I had heard that he had been in some trouble, but I also know some traders that were very please with the trading information they had received from him in the past.

    If you have any further links I would be most greatful, by the way nice to see another lord of the rings fan.

  6. dottom


    Bilbo, if you search the Usenet archives you might be able to find an email address for Kent Calhoun that still works if you're looking to contact him. If you are searching for trading wisdom or education, I would caution that in my observation, most of the bad things said about Kent are dead on correct; and most of the good things said about Kent are exagerrated to sell more manuals and beef his seminar attendance.

    From a previous post:

    I will give Kent Calhoun one thing- he is knowledgeable about the markets (which doesn't mean he can show you how to make money) and comes across very convincing in his seminars and advertising materials. And he is very good at salesmanship. And finally, he is very, very good at producing statistically very attractive, unoptimized trading materials with very attractive statistical properties that would pass most due diligence. You put these three qualities together and you have someone who can make a killing running full page ads in the various trading magazines (that alone should raise a red flag!) for years and making six figures per seminar + add-on services.

    There are many stories regarding Kent Calhoun and clients who have lost lots of money (in six figures) trading his system and also using his managed services through his personal broker & CTA, Michael Sheaves. Sheaves raved about Calhoun for years (Sheaves claimed he trained under Calhoun for 4 years) until he started losing all of his clients money. Sheaves than ran into trouble with the CFTC and parted company with Calhoun bitterly. It was interesting that for awhile Sheaves was willing to sell the fully disclosed method he was using for $10k, and at the same time would manage money for 2% management fee & 20% profit incentive. Sheaves and Calhoun claimed that the average trader using the system would make $30k on a $50k account. Why fully disclosed a system if you can get clients lined up to manage their money at 20% profit incentive? No risk man! Maybe because it's all BS.

    Not to mention the long and drawn out battle between Kent Calhoun and John Hill of Futures Truth. First friends, then business partners, now bitter enemies. You can find archives & archives of their public war on Usenet and many other publications such as Commodity Traders Club News. I won't even go into it here. They each call each other pathological liars & scammers. I would tend to believe John Hill, with well established credibility & registered CTA (Calhoun withdrew his CTA registration- rumor has it so that he would avoid regulation scrutiny).

    Calhoun also had a huge falling out with Russell Sands. Something about Kent saying "Russell Sands has incorrect assumptions about the basic nature of technical analysis" and Sands saying Calhoun was a liar and a scammer.

    There was also a software developer hired by KCI to market his system. Once the software developer realized Calhoun was scamming everyone, he released the 5VBTP code publicly. Kent slammed the code and insisted that the code was full of bugs and did not accurately reflect the 5VBTP method. The software developer verified that the code that was leaked was the same source being sold by KCI. But where was this revelation when KCI was making a ton of money selling software all this time? There were tons of bootleg copies of this software floating around at the time. If it was making people rich you think you'd hear more about it by now.

    Kent ran an ad for awhile saying "do you know CFTC verified 92% KCI traders profitable"? Which was one of the reasons the CFTC filed suit against him. I tried to verify his mechanical system but could not even get the numbers profitable, let alone anywhere close to his claims.

    There are many other incidents that I don't recall. This is just what I remember off the top of my head.
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  7. Like if you shake hands with this guy does it mean that you should count how many fingers you got left.
  8. Thank you dottom for a really informative post, this really is the best trading message boad site on the web, there are so many knowledgable people here willing to help.

  9. I forgot to ask, and sorry if this is obvious to most of you, but whats the address for the usenet archives. I've tried but that took me to a site that didnt look like it was the correct one.

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