Ken Chow

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Mike21, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Mike21


    Has anyone taken Ken Chow's course?

    Any feedback from past students would be appreciated.
  2. afajtr


    I am also interested on anyone's experience with Ken Chow and his SuperStructure Trading course. I know he has a set of 5 DVDs but it seems like he offers a course/mentorship as well.

    Some insights please.
  3. agd108


    I bought the course 2 years ago. I am still trying to apply it. It is easy as Ken shows when back applying it. But live it is difficult. I think one or more people combined could help weed out bad trades but there is no community around Ken's methods. He says some people have done very well with his methods. He has some great testimonials. I believe it, if someone has some experience, they could use his methods and improve what they were practicing. But starting from scratch, I am still trying to learn, I keep making losing trades, then in hindsight I can see an application which would have worked. It is difficult to get it exactly right.. I don't mind practicing for months or even years if I can eventually become consistent. I still feel it is missing something.

    I still like the fact that there are absolutely no indicators, just trend analysis. Any other students out there who want to work together?