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  1. "How can one count on each win scoring large? You have no way of knowing before hand to what extent your one win will be. Hence, a lousy win/ loss ratio is likely to do you in regardless of your exceptional money management strategy. A good win rate is at least as important to your success as is good management. "

    Simple - you sit on your hand. Say IBM has a trading range of
    20 points and you only willing to risk 1 if wrong.
    The hardest part is when you sell. :cool:
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  2. dani23



    the room ist pullshit - the only thing that was discussed on is the entrypoint. You have to exit the position totaly on your own.


    The only suggestion "keep small stops" isn't true :)


    he not suggest how much percent of your portfolio you have to invest in anny trade.

    The performance look back is made every day on the evening.
    There you can find the best point to exit on the chart :)

    STOP ROOMS like this.

    sorry but this is my humble opinion
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  3. 20 POINTS!!!

    LOL! What R U smokin man??

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  4. dani, what in gawd's 's name are you talkin bout man??? Can U put together ONE coherent sentence?? :(
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  5. tom_p


    dani23 is a new member, this being her second post. In her first post, entitled "Mechanical or Intuitive" which went on to be a highly interesting 5-page thread, she signed off "Greetings from Austria Daniela". So she has some problems with the English language. Strange how everyone understood that post and I'm sure this one as well. Whenever you (tradeRX/shortnfool) start intimidating newbies, I will step in as I have done in the past. The older members already know who you are.

    I'm not angry and had a good day today (+$611 net). Now go play with yourself, you mental midget.
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  6. "The performance look back is made every day on the evening.
    There you can find the best point to exit on the chart :) "

    OK tom..what the hell does this mean??? :confused:

    PS quit calling me traderrx!
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    nice of you to care for new members, but wouldn't it be simpler to private message them and tell them to put shortnfool on their ignore list (as most others already have)?
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    Good point and shall do so in the future. Having said that, I personally do not use the "ignore" function.
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  9. NickLeeson

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    Anybody with an IQ north of mental debility would easily understand exactly what she meant by that sentence:

    The con artists selling entry signals never include the much more important aspect of trade management, where do you cut your losses, where do take your profits.

    Lets say you get an entry signal @ 100. Ok, price immediately drops to 95. Then it goes back up to 102, before falling back below 90.

    Now here's what every good con artist learns in Signal Selling 101:

    They would sell this as a winning trade, with the benefit of hindsight they'll come up with a reason why your stop loss should have been below 95, and, again with the benefit of hindsight they'll come up with a rationalisation of why you should have taken your profits @ 102.

    BS, no more no less. Thats the reason why anybody would waste their time selling signals as opposed to maximising their own edge, because they have no clue about the real important stuff, EXITS and POSITION MANAGEMENT.

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  10. Nick, yes, what you say does apply to some, but not to Ken Calhoun and his room. He uses excellent money management and exits. VERY conservative stop-losses. So, "Dani's" post makes no sense especially in the context of this thread.

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