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  1. Reply if you are presently a member of Ken's realtime trading room. I need info. thx.
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    I was a member up to the end of July if that is of any help.
  3. Mutley:

    I'm interested in knowing what you thought of Ken Calhoun's real time trade room.
    Pros and cons. Were you making money while trading in the Trade Room? The site advocates that you should not need the room after 4 to 6 months because you should be able to become self sufficient in your trading skills in that amount of time. Did you find that to be true? Is that why you are not in the room anymore because you "graduated" or are you not there any more because there was something you did not like about the room?
    Any imput greatly appreciated.

    Michael Norris
  4. Hi Michael

    I've read Ken's website,heard him speak, read articles from Active Trader, and he sends me emails. I haven't participated in his room for disclosure.

    The trading style he likes is a 2 day breakout, or breakdown. Well that's great in a trending market. A trader will do really well.

    Problem is a non trending market will have you whippsawwed.

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    I was a member for about 3 months. Ken's technique is to buy above the previous day's high ( short below the previous day's low) with some advanced intraday trades after you become comfortable with the high/low trades. He runs a no nonsense room which is refreshing after some of the rooms that allow extensive "off topic" BS.

    Two or three months is probably the longest I would recommend you stay. He does not trade the stocks that he is giving alerts on since, not being a registered securities investment advisor, he is not permitted to do this. As a result he recommends that you only "paper trade" these alerts.

    I tried several of Pristine's trading rooms in addition to Ken's and overall I feel that Ken's approach (for a new trader) is simpler and more effective. I did not do a lot of actual trading due to limited capital but on the trades that I did do, overall I was profitable ( I am a new trader and am tickled to break even at the end of the month).

    I think that a month in his room is well worth it if for no other reason than to see a different type of trading style. Good luck.
  6. Hi. How did Ken do for the month of July? Do you recall a lot of winners despite the lack of a trending market as some others have noted? Is this strategy working for the months you were there?

    If it was your experience that this strategy produces consistent winners in this market, we'll clean up in the fall! :D

    I prefer stategies that produce CONSISTENT smallish gains to those that may score for instance only a paltry 3 wins out of 10 (albeit larger purses). Less risky, consistent reliable methods, that makes more sense!

    So, what's the deal??? :cool:
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    As close as I could tell his alerts (not his actual trades since he says he was not doing any ???) were about 70% winners. His target is approx. 1/2 point (long or short) on 200 shares. This was during July (things then better than August). He recommends that you not trade his calls but learn what he is doing and then use his technique to trade your own favorite stocks. He trades stocks > $20 and <$60 generally and stays away from the likes of CIEN, MSFT,CSCO etc.

    I was very happy with what I learned there and will be using it in the future (when I get my account over $25K). For now I am trading NASDAQ E-mini.
  8. Do you realize that any strategy that offers up a 70% win rate will make you rich in a very short time? A positive expectancy such as this is nothing short of incredible. Beats the hell out what most are doing here I'll tell you that!! Please don't misunderstand, I'm not questioning you, but are you sure of this? Might it be more like 55%? Even 60% is great. 70% is a freaking GOD!! As fabulous a win/risk ratio as you will ever find! :cool:
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    Isn't Ken's trading room temporarily down now? I think Ken is on vacation until October. Does anyone know when he'll be up and running again? Also, about how many calls does he make in a day? And does he tend to play the same stocks over and over or just play whatever meets his criteria? I've heard he's pretty darn good too and is really down to earth. No BS. That's why I'm interested. Thanks for any responses.
  10. He lives on Hawaii. What does he need vacation for?:) :)
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