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  1. In Kelly Angles book, '100 Million Dollars in Profit', where his uncle or dad pyramided gold up to a huge profit. Does anyone remember if gains were protected on the way up via options.? Or even at all for that matter. I just can't remember.
  2. 1) Divide the "100-million profit" by atleast 10, maybe 100.
    2) Options may not have been listed on the COMEX back then.
    3) There may not have been any OTC-style options market either.
    4) That "tale" would be less entertaining if the gains were hedged. :cool:
  3. That makes sense. Thanks for getting back to me.
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    It my father who made the gold trade. He had no idea what an option was. It was his first every trade in any market. He was very committed and very lucky! But everything in the book is true!
    KD Angle - author
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    Kelly I am reading your books now. I want to know what you mean by Realized and UnRealized profits. I find it confusing. you seem to say 2 different things at the end of your father's story.

    It seems like the title of the book is wrong. that your father made only $54 million not $100 million. $54 million is a lot of money. but it is not $100. you seem to contradict yourself. what is the truth?

    If anyone can figure it out please post on what he is talking about. I like a good story and I want to understand this good story. what happened???
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    Maybe this involved Viagra eye drops?
    (makes it look bigger : )