Keith Olbermann's unhealthy obsession with Fox News

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  1. I admit that i am a right winger, but i enjoy seeing both sides to every argument so i often tune in to left wing news outlets just to see their talking points. I decided to record all the data over the last 5 times I listened to Keith Olbermann. (which i did while building spreadsheet data)

    The numbers are stagerring, Keith Olbermann clearly has an unhealthy obsession with Fox News, over the course of 5 days of his (Keith Olbermann's) show he mentioned Fox news 47 times, and had 15 segments about fox news or someone involved with fox news.

    The way i seperated a "mention" from a "segment" was simple. If he did an actual piece on someone from Fox News, i considered it a segment, (i.e. worlds worst/worlds best persons, or a full blown segment.) If he just made a "one off" comment about someone from fox news i considered it a mention. If he mentioned someone inside a segment i did not consider it a mention, as it was already part of a segment.

    So my question to most left wingers including Keith Olbermann is, "Why do you have this unhealthy obsession with fox news?"

    I do not see a single news channell which the majority of right wingers could be called "obsessed" with. Is there a reason for this unhealthy obsession? I have not seen a single show in which Bill O'Reilly,(the scourge of the left) has dedicated more than a minute to talking about Keith Olbermann, Yet he (Keith Olbermann) donates half his show every night to trying to slander the Right Wing/ Bill O'Reilly/ Fox News. Can anyone explain the Left/Keith Olbermann's obsession with Fox News?
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    For the same reason al franken wrote a book about rush limbaugh. It's the only way they can get someone to pay attention to them.
  3. I guess......

    So your argument would be that they are attempting to attach themselves to these figureheads, as opposed to trying to destroy them, that makes alot more sense, as it appears (from my standpoint anyways) that all they are doing is continuing to create more listeners for the prospective channell's.
  4. It is not rocket science. Keith Olbermann exists to counter the trash produced by O'Reilly. Unfortunately for Olbermann (and society) public at large will always be susceptible to demagoguery.

    Palin's book popularity only speaks to the stupidity of a certain portion of US population. I estimate about 30% of US population to be hopelessly stupid (it is exactly equal to W's approval rating in the last months of his presidency)
  5. So then what is your argument??? It seems to me that Olbermann is trying to discredit them.... and it seems to me that Fox's ratings keep going up and up and up, so how is he winning wityh his obsession?