Keith Olbermann's Comment On Gabrielle Giffords Shooting

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Range Rover, Jan 8, 2011.

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  2. Keith Olbermann = Clown

    The end.
  3. Arizona GDP per capita ranks 43rd. Why are the poor and stupid allowed to buy guns??
  4. You are poor and stupid. Are you jealous because you cannot buy a gun?
  5. "Establishment Media Demonizes Tea Party and Constitutionalists After Gifford Shooting"
  6. Fan of Glenn Beck, was he?
  7. I have no idea......GB is a corporate media CON JOB who co-opts ideas from real patriots fighting the INFOWAR (in the same way Palin was "directed" to co-opt the real grassroots Tea Party movement).
  8. He liked watching US Flags burn and a favorite book of his was the Communist Manifesto.

    Unless you're retarded, stop acting like you are.
    #10     Jan 9, 2011