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  1. Has Olbermann ever argued or debated against a conservative?

    Everytime I see him on he has got the same three liberals on.

    If your an opinion anchor for years and never debate anyone with different views than how can you take the guy seriously?
  2. I can't think of any show on MSNBC that can be taken seriously. I mean really, Chris Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow, all sneering loudmouths that represent opinion from extreme left to lunatic socialist. At least Maddow has Pat Buchanan on once in a while.

    Matthews was incensed during the republican convention when Olbermann's antics got them both kicked off news coverage.
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    Most TV cable political "debates" aren't about trying to get at the truth, they're about grandstanding and trying to shout down the opponent. Keith understands this and doesn't waste his viewers' time on verbal pseudo-intelligent "pissing matches."

    You guys hate him because he speaks truth to your bullshit politics, exposing hypocrisy and stupidity on the right.

    In the grand tradition of Harry Truman:

    Keith doesn't give you hell, he just speaks the truth and you think it's hell. :D
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    Keith Olberman is a piece of shit. He was a piece of shit 20 yrs. ago as a news/sportscaster in LA. Just because he takes a different route doesn't mean he's not arriving at the same destination as all the other talking head pricks.

    Fuck TV... they're all pricks. Fuck Jim "I talk like a badass 'cause I'm not one" Rome too. Piece of shit.

    And fuck Dan Dierdorf. The only time I watch TV is for football, and he's gotta crap all over it. Blind motherfucker.

    Anyone on TV is a piece of shit.
    Fuck TV.
  5. Neo Know Nothing,

    You should have seen him at the Los Angeles CBS affiliate when he was still sporting a Sadam-like mustache and he was doing Sports...I used to see him at all the time. That was before his first stint at ESPN and that would be after his second stint in local sports..and then came the Dan and Keith nonsense...and all that was preceding MSNBC. Trust me he's argued on many sides of many issues many times.

    You lack a frame of all of your posts indicate.

  6. Olberman's justification to exist is O'Reilly, who most conservatives despise.

    Olberman has outdone O'Reilly 1000 fold ...

    he is a narccisictic-punk, I'd kick him in the groin if he was 2.5 feet away
  7. How wrong can you be?

    Your statement dwindles down to saying that not one conservative could talk to Olbermann without it turning into a shouting match. Thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    I think it shows how full of shit the far left is because they aren't even willing to have a debate about their beliefs. They merely whine about the right and than state their beliefs as supreme with zero debate about who is more right.

    He has never had a debate with a conservative.

    He is like a guy on cnbc that gives advice on trading without ever trading in his entire life.

    Olbermann has never even stepped in the ring.
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    He is probably the best listener out there. You never ever see him interrupting his guests.

  9. you should spend more time solidifying your beliefs ...

    spend a decade in a small room ...

    the world's idiots will be waiting for you
  10. Do you hate O'Reilly because you think superficially he is a jerk and mean or do you hate him because he threatens your entire ideology?

    Do liberals hate O'Reilly, Hannity and Limbaugh because they are stupid idiots or because they are very persuasive at what they do? I would say the latter.
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