keith olbermann

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  1. hes fnc and ya klans worse nightmare.
  2. He is a walking example of the terrible tragedy that is Bush Derangement Syndrome. He was a perfectly ok, if somewhat dorky, sportscaster. Then he became infected with BDS, and his life spun out of control. In his case, a side product of the BDS was an obsession with a successful talk show host, Bill O'Reilly, which now unfortunately takes up most of his waking hours.

    Sadly, Olbermann is beyond our help but let his plight be a lesson to the rest of you. At the first sign of BDS get immediate professional help. The recommended treatment is three hours a day of Rush Limbaugh, followed by meditating over the writings of Ann Coulter.
  3. Who's Keith Olbermann? Oh yeah, that basement-rating former sportscaster who is as infatuated with Bill O'Reilly as the Zzzztroll is with Ann Coulter...

    Lozzzers both, two moonbats in a pod...
  4. now even the ugly austie aka murdick is involved in attacking him
    . the facist news channel is intimidated by keith.
    fnc=al jazeera of the usa.
  5. I'm you realize what O'Reilly's average demographic is?

    I give you a little guess. It starts with a 7 and ends with a 4. That's the average!! 74 years of age. LOL

  6. Oh you should have seem him before he went to ESPN as the sportsdude on Ch.4 NBC in Los Angeles. He had real long hair and mustache and no glasses.

    Trust me when I say that this iteration of him is much better than that was.

  7. BSAM


    I think you can't prove this.

    And Keith Olbermann is a lunatic.
  8. His shows are all the same. Completely out of control anti Bush RANTING!

    O'Reilly isn't even close to this guy.
  9. crackers,
    checkout orally's latest rants against nbc news last nite.
    he tried to do that against a blackman, he would be dead.
  10. I hear that the condition is endemic at Fox.
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