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Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by noone3, Nov 3, 2011.

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  2. Keiser was awesome 4 years ago when he came on other shows and pannels bringing about a much needed voice.

    Like the Iceland documentary!

    Since he got his own show I don't follow him that much anymore...

    It's just too one sided.

    Although I certainly think he and his wife are doing a great job providing information to the public both trough their show as their website.

    Overall, I don't agree with everything he says but he is ok.

    If bank CEO's can come on TV claiming they are solvent to see their bank nationalized the next day Keiser is allowed to share his economic views on the world.
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    Keiser is entertaining and I like him, but (and it's a big but) two things about Keiser annoy me:-
    1. He seems unable to distinguish between traders and bankers, and tarnishes all traders with the fraudulent activity of the elite in the banking system. Futures trading had nothing to do with the financial crisis, neither did high frequency trading, and no day traders received any bailouts. He doesn't seem to realize that "trader" does not always mean someone trading other peoples money at an investment bank. Many traders are risking 100% of their own capital, we reap what we sow, it is the purest type of business in many ways.
    2. He jumps to conclusions too easily. Like when that idiot snake oil sales guy appeared on the BBC claiming he was a trader (he sells trading systems) and Keiser said this this guy "spoke for the trader admission of guilt on behalf of traders etc" whereas 99% of the traders I know were disgusted at what he said and trashed him for his idiotic comments.

    So on the one hand, Keiser comes across as a libertarian type, trashing the idea of a fiat currency, bullish on gold/silver (and I sympathize here), but on the other hand, he probably support taxing financial transactions "to curb speculative activity/stop high frequency trading" and here is where he seems to lose the plot...

    Does he favour a purer Ayn Rand type of capitalism without the bailouts, or is he an anti-capitalist, happiest amongst like the OWS crowd?

    But again, he is entertaining, and occasionally worth watching to pick up on stories not covered by the mainstream media.
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    I agree with you regarding those assumptions. However, I have not watched him enough yet to have experienced this as much as you guys have. But i do get this feeling from some of his reports, and I also get this from other sources too. It seems that the media has played a bad role of communicating this information to the public...