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  1. Hi All,

    This is the explanation post for a proprietary indicator I've been developing on and off for a little over two years. I'll continue posting results had someone followed the entry recommendation(s) each day (assuming I get around to it), but either way all results will be posted.

    Please see the attached MS Excel file for further explanation. Results posted will be based on the included information.
  2. Today we start posting the results of my new indicator publicly. There are also a few traders who are checking it out for use as a part of their arsenal as well.

    At the conclusion of each week I'll post up the MS Excel spreadsheet showing the trades, returns, and some statistics.

    Happy Trading everyone!
  3. Today was as ugly as start as can be expected. No sugar coating this one. Based on my allocative decisions set prior to beginning the test this is the current outcome: see attached.

    Historical returns are not indicative of future results.
  4. No Trigger Today
  5. No Trigger on Wednesday
  6. 3 Triggers today
  7. Friday had 1 trigger for a gain.
  8. 1 Trigger - Excellent return today.
  9. One of the people testing/evaluating my indicator had a solid idea that I'll post here upon completion. While backtesting this is kind of an issue because of the fundamental screening in reverse I'm going to use the current tickers and go back X amount of time, maybe a year or two, to determine a solid sample size with relevant statistics for you all the see.

    It should either lend or withdraw credibility to the returns being posted currently. Either way it'll be eye opening.

    G'night and Happy Trading!
  10. This is some info on my backtesting. Please feel free to check calculations, etc and provide input on whether or not this is a legit indicator.
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