Keeping Trading Records

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tradingkevin, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. We know that to improve one needs to follow and analyse one;s
    trade at the end of each day if not each week.

    But how to do that in a simple yet straight forward way and see
    all that went into the trade like the psychology, the trailing stops, the entries ...the targets..etc..

    I have personally always struggle with that but now I have come up with a layout that makes sense. I have a small window
    on the right of my chart ( 1 min ) where I right all my comments
    down during the trade and at the end of the day I clean up
    the chart and save the image and print it out for reference. I have taken a screen shoot of my trading environement.

    I also take screen shoots with MWsnap 3 ( freeware) to take a picture each time I see something important and make a quick
    comment on the main chart then delete that comments once I have taken the image so that I dont cluter up the images .

    Granted it takes some time to arrange all this but the information
    you get in invaluable .

    I hope this will help some of you organize themself.
  2. this is how I watch the market every day.

    4 min in center..I like to keep that chart clean from clutter .

    lower left a 60 min

    on upper right a 1 min where I place my comments.

    and lower a 4 min close mainly for the trend.

    trying to keep it simple and clean.



    hope it helps some people.
  3. I often use Camtasia screen record to record my comments and the actual trade. I only place 4 or so trades a day that usually last between 1 minute and 10 minutes so the space used is not that bad.