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  1. I trade almost daily with IB and am very happy with them. I get my email every day summarzing the trades. But I want to plug that information into some sort of software that shows me my win loss ratio, profit, commission know, all the important stats. I am marginally computer literate...can someone point me in the right direction? Much appreciated.

  2. I would think excel spreadsheet would be your best bet at little / no cost.

    If you dont have the microsoft spreadsheet program you can download for free "openoffice" or use google apps which has an online spreadsheet (which is nice in case your computer crashes.)

    Hope that helps
  3. Yes I agree that this would make sense...but how on earth do you program it...? Is there a program or application readily available?

  4. I believe you can also export your daily, weekly, monthly and annual statements into Quicken or MSN money. You can search for additional information on IB's website/help/tax or just search "quicken" under help....

    I use quicken to monitor all my investment accounts, checking, savings, IRA, mortgage etc... very intuitive and easy to use...

    Good luck...
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    Try 'see finance'. The only software i have ever use that imports accurately ib ofx files.