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  1. Can it be possible for one to find an indicator or trading edge that is ridiculously simple?

    Over the last year I have been expermenting with various strategies and have come to the conclusion that the higher the time frame, less frequent trading, and really simple indicators go a long way towards profitable results.

    The thing is, it is tough to believe in them and put such strategies into practice, BECAUSE they rely on such elemental rules - you would think trading couldn't be so simple! Sometimes, one needs to immerse himself in formulas, programming languages, exotic trading platforms, etc. etc. just to provide a [false] sense of security.

    The industry has tried convincing people that only complex algorithmic traders and quants can survive in this evolving field. But yet I am still skeptic regarding their models, and have found that simpler forms of trading exist and provide a more efficient way to approach the markets.

    Are there any long-term profitable traders that still rely on basic discretionary principles to determine their positions in the market?
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    Simple for one can be complex for other ... and vice versa ...
  3. I'm talking about stuff like moving averages and position sizing.. how complex can that get?
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  5. "Simple" stuff works "well" in a strongly trending market if you're able to resist the urge to churn the position for every wiggle and squiggle in the market. :cool:
  6. IMO its not worth fighting for the pennies. The big money is made on the main trends. I guess its just like life, you need to learn to go with the flow.

    The main problem which I find with a simple rule-based discretionary trading method is controlling one's own state of mind. Your mind starts becoming your enemy, and you begin doubting the very trend which had convinced you to open a position in the first place.
  7. This couldn't be more true in my opinion.

    I've closed out several trades only to see the market continue in my original direction, then I would always find myself asking why I let the small changes take me off of my original plan.

    The mind can play so many tricks on you while in a trade or when debating entering a trade.