Keeping The Peace

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by plodder, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. plodder


    There are a lot of antijack threads.

    What I propose to keep the peace and improve the experience of readers is:

    1. Ban Jack

    2. Remove Jack's name from the title of Spyder's threads.

    Jack has done more than anyone to make ET the laughingstock of serious traders, everywhere. He is a serial exagerator and an attention whore. He often posts off-topic rants and raves, and his sole purpose in doing so is to belittle another poster or trumpet his "superiority."

    With Jack gone, and his name off the front page, we will begin to see posters with interesting, valuable content return to the site. With their return, readership will get a boost, and, once again, ET will enjoy the respect of serious traders, everywhere.
  2. Gotta love how all these whiners all registered Sept 2007.


    Hey guys, since you are so very new to this site, why dont you try a revolutionary approach, its called the IGNORE BUTTON.

    Thats why its there, you use it and then you dont have to start cry baby threads like this one.
  3. plodder


    Hi, Cokie

    Wanna go shopping? You'll feel better afterward.
  4. Hey Sept 2007 tough guy crew, find Jack Hershey's user name, and Spydertraders and put them both on IGNORE. That way, you can coexist here w/o needing to throw your constant temper tantrums.
  5. plodder


    It is better if Jack gets banned and his name is removed from Spyder's thread titles. That way there is no way to see him when they are quoted and there will be no way to ever see Jack's name in the future.
  6. Something you clearly lack yourself when it comes to Jack Hershey :p

  7. If you guys are going to post this crap, post it in chit chat, that way all these cry baby threads arent plastered all over ET's homepage.
  8. see, this is the kind of temper tantrum I'm talking about. Just quick outburts of frustration.

  9. plodder


    I bet Cocaine is one of Spydertrader's many sock puppets.
    The mods are divided into jack and antijack factions.
    Some provide information.
  10. Well, you know Jack has been very persistent and determined in NOT providing you with any evidence yet you still follow him around like a little drooling pup.

    And yet you continue to keep his star atop ET's celebs list. You must really enjoy promoting Jack huh :p

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