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  1. There was a thread some time ago about keeping the mind sharp through chess, and other strategy games, to lower the odds of alzheimer's, dimensia, etc.

    Point is.. I just saw the movie "The Notebook" for the first time, and it honestly scared the living shit out of me. Imagine living a great life, getting the guy/girl of your dreams, and then reaching your 60's or 70's and not remembering any of it.

    I did a few searches, but I think that old thread is closed.

    I believe in Lescor's theory where he says a strong body equals a strong mind. And I also like chess, card games like sheephead (if you call it sheepshead you are from a different planet), and reading things that make me think.

    I do my best, and there is no history in my family (I'm no doctor, so I don't even know if family history makes a difference).

    Just wondering if there is more all of us can do, and looking for comments from others who are in front of the computer all day.


  2. It was a good movie.
  3. it's all bulls.

    Mind, body and spirit. If any one of these is out of balance, something will have to give.

  4. Not much of alzheimers is attributable to genetics(mostly younger people if it is genetic).

    They don't even really know what causes it yet. So I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. Forgot about the most important part. And I don't necessarily think you need to be religious to believe it's an important part of your life.
  6. Thanks. Guess I'll be doing some googling tomorrow in my free time. It definitely got me curious.
  7. Try some simple qigong exercise. This 10 videos are great instructions. It is free. I am posting the first link, you can get the rest on Youtube iff u like htis one:

    Other good exercise is the 5 elements. You get them free on Yout ube.
  8. Oops. No connection between this comment and the other thread. The comment above is serious.

    My comments on this other thread are just a spoof. Just can't take these people seriously, and felt the need to clarify.
  9. Sadly my mother has dimensia/alzheimers, in the evening around 6PM she is not able to remember what she had for lunch. However her longterm memory is intact, she remembers many details from her childhood years the 1940's.

    I have looked into this quite a bit, it appears to be genetically driven. There are many things that can be done to 'manage' it , slow down its progression and improve the quality of life, but no cure. chess, qi gong has many benefits.
  10. T500K


    Ahh..., it's my favorite subject!

    I juggling balls, play piano 3-4 hours everyday (Hanon 60 twice daily.) Use my left hand as often as possible......

    I also try to teach my toes how to do the "mid-finger flip". It has been two years now, I still can not do it. :D :D :D
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