Keeping my licence (7,63,55)

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by et08et08, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. et08et08


    I was sponsored by a firm and I pas series 7, 63 and 55. expenses whatever they where paid by the firm. It was understood that I would go and trade in their facilities for my own account getting the leverage 10/1.

    To my surprice after the first interview, they don't respond to my phone calls telling me they will call me for an interview with the appropriate person.

    Assuming they never call me, what I have to be aware of? Am I loosing the licenses? Am I registered? Do I have any obligations?

    Excuse my ignorance, please.

    Any veteran trader please help.

  2. ktm


    Are you sure you even got a 7/63 license in the first place. If I remember correctly, most of the answers to your questions were in the early chapters of your study material. I think you do need to have a "sponsor" for the exam and that sponsor holds your license. If you transfer firms, there is a grace period where an individual does not need to be associated with a firm - to afford the opportunity to job hunt - which it sounds like you will be doing.

    Are you in the US?
  3. agras


    u have a 2 year grace period.