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    Thanks. Enjoy reading your stuff too. (Top 10% :p)
    I decided at some point that people always need to come before ideology. Nothing good ever happens when an ideology is paramount and it frosts my cookies when I see it. It was different when I was younger though, ideologies always seem to prey on the young. Probably no way around it but through it.
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    Yup! My ideologies got me in a lot of trouble when I was young. As we mature, things get into perspective a little more easily. Like I mentioned a short time ago for example, when LBJ was president, I hated him. Now I think he was just a tragic figure who actually meant well.

    "No way around it but through it"...I like that!

    (and hopefully sleep now)

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    Keeping it simple on this board isn't as simple as it sounds, at least on this board.

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    That is an understatement!!!
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    QUOTE]Originally posted by daniel_m
    Forget it Cesko. Our friend Vlad was obviously brainwashed from an early age into the socialist utopia. (I know how powerful it is - you should hear the way my father talks about the 'golden days' of 1970s Yugoslavia...and won't believe a word i say no matter how convincingly i phrase it)

    Soviets saved us? please. sure, they made massive contributions to the war effort, but after jun 44 it was practically a foregone conclusion that eastern european nations would win their freedom with or without the big reds.

    Revising history isn't really going to help improve the present. sure, there were nazi collobarators in all nations. my father lost a whole family when the nazis massacred an entire village (Yugo/Macedonia) because of the betrayal of a relative.

    like Don says, we need to focus on the 'here and now'..
    It really feels good somebody is behind me on this subject. Thanks a lot.
    It doesn't surprise me, that's somebody from the former Bloc.
    About Ukrainians, if I talk to any Polish guy here in Chicago they will agree with me, it's not a secret.
    Now because he is originally from the Ukrain he is a nazi sympathizer? Lighten up!
    Rs7 if you can show me where I said that I would be happy. Thanks

    Calling themselves "socialists" didn't make it so
    Stalin calling himself a "socialist" made him so??? Still he calls the system good just bad execution. Then read his opinions of Nazis.
    Can you see his contradiction? That's why I mentioned it. I am not aware of saying he is a Nazi symphatizer.
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  6. ... I just finished watching Eraser staring good ole Ahnuld.
    I'd like to paraphrase a passage for you from it:
    "Smile, you've just been IGNORED." :cool:
    ...Smth I should have done a long time ago.
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    Some things can be "said" with implication. You can create a feeling of ill will without coming right out and saying what you mean, just meaning what you say:

    Now, you should be "happy".

    Good luck,
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  8. Questionable, to put it mildly. But I'll let it slide... :) How many of you (Eastern Europeans)were there to "win without the big reds"? :) Or did you mean that other BIG nations would win (not without the US help)? Seems like the latter is more likely - in which case you should have said - "...eastern european nations would be given freedom". Semantics, maybe. But your ego should be careful not to take too much credit for others' efforts :) Although, again, I might be somewhat biased and I do realize that other nations including the US took a significant part in the war, but if you look at any facts, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that if Germans didn't have so many forces tied up fighting (and losing to) the "big reds", the outcome would most likely have been different.
    PS Russia/Ukraine etc are also considered "Eastern Europe", as much you Yugoslavs, Czechs, Polish and others in your "bloc" might not like it :)
    PPS Maybe you should listen more carefully to what your dad has to say. After all, he did live more under that regime than you and you should give him the benefit of the doubt that he is smart enough to have his own opinion, and not just be reiterating what you assume was drummed into his head.
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