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  1. rs7


    For those of you who suffered through my "successful trading" and "TA and common sense" threads, I have another treat. The simpleton's approach to trading. Which is what I rely on, because as many here will attest, I am quite a simple man!

    I will gather my thoughts and continue with this. Rest assured there will be no guarantees, no magic and best of all, no smoke and mirrors. I will tell you how I trade, and why. And I will tell you what has and has not worked for me (there are plenty of instances of both).

    I will certainly try to be entertaining, but I am no MrSubliminal (who I will beg for some creative editing when I get serious about going public). I will try to be articulate, but I am no Fasterpussycat either. So if you want to start the bashing in advance, here is the opportunity.

    I will have my dinner, see my son who is coming home any moment from his summer internship with the Brooklyn Cyclones....(minor league baseball team for you who are not New Yorkers..I know there are one or two of you here) He even got to be "Sammy the Seagull". So maybe someday he can get his Ph.D.. and become the San Diego Chicken, or the Philly Fanatic, or one of those hall of fame mascots. Then it will be his turn to support MOI!!!!! (too cool to contemplate).

    Stay tuned, and let's get the bashing out of the way now while I go on commercial break. All questions are welcome.

    Peace to All. Even my many detractors. (So many!!! How did I ever get to be so unpopular:))

    Your Vigilant Trading NON Guru,
    (I will soon have a beautiful personalized signature custom designed by Publias himself, so eat your collective hearts out!)


    Well Rs7, you do make Elite Trader interesting. I think this will be a good thread. Should be insightful but at the same time it will probably be very entertaining. Hurry up and eat so we can get on with it!
  3. rs7


    Going out...special occasion. All the kids are home. A very very rare occurrence. Sort of like a total solar eclipse. But I will be back. Rest assured they will tire of me quickly. As will my wife, who will demonstrate her usual pleasure with me by being sound asleep by 9:30 as usual (which is why I became an Elite Trader junky...that and my dope dealer going down for some hard time).

    But I will do my best ANCHOR. I will make them choke on their food if they don't eat fast enough. No doggie bags in this house. You order it, you eat it! I pay, I make the rules! HA!!

    RS7 (patiently waiting for my technicolor psychedelic signature from Publias, the slacker!)
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    Good news! They are still in the car on the way back from the airport. So I get to stay in my bathrobe for a few more minutes and be totally wasteful as a human being, which is sort of my trademark. (I believe in trademarks....look what that grill did for the Edsel).

    Anyway, apparently dinner will be slightly delayed, so PUBLIAS, there is no excuse anymore. I know you are on line! And you too MrSub...I see they keep web access open to you in your cell block now on weekday nights? I think that's really nice. Is that for good behavior? Or does everyone get the same privileges? Anyway, MrSub, I am counting on you to help me out here. The masses are demanding high quality garbage from me, and I don't know if I can rise to the occasion. But try I will! I must!

    Uh, oh....I hear the garage door opening!

    RS7 (man without a signature)
  5. marcD


    This should be entertaining!!!!!! I hope it is gonna be a frenzy of advice and humor. Just the mention of MrSub has me in a state of anticipation for laughter. And I hope you (RS7) still have something to say after the other threads

  6. William


    Brilliant, rs7.

    Keeping it simple is always popular with the crowd, as are personal tidbits. This should be nice, look forward to it myself.
  7. Never fear. If it isn't, I'll always be only too willing to proffer my piercing insights and biting sarcasm (however unwelcome :)).
  8. Does your son play baseball or not?
  9. Dark in 'ere, so I'll be brief. Borrowed a match from Bubba, my cellmate 'cause it's lights out. I'm in real deep shit - never told you guys before, but I've been trading Bubba's money and as you all know I had a 5-digit down day today, which means tomorrow's gonna be a 5-digit up day, if you know what I mean. Don't worry, got a Shawshank in the works. Till then rs7, you're on your own.
  10. VictorS


    The more I am involved in the markets the more I learn. Is it experience or are things getting simple. Not saying things are simple but I now recognize more and more things. In other words, I dont rely on all the complex things the way I thought I would. I trade what I see, but others would say I am trading what I think:eek: Gee, trading sure gets complicated. Maybe things aren't as simplistic as I think:confused: :confused: :confused: I don't even consider myself to have a "trading system" perhaps a "method."

    Ok,RS7, youve helped complicate my thoughts for the night.
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