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  1. 'Obviously trending' is at least as specific as "important swing lows", "usual reversal ops", and "find a point where longs are going to get rattled."

    To answer your slope question, since you apparently are not an astute reader, I used the phrase 'empirically measured.'

    I checked this thread out because the title was interesting. Once I saw it was you talking to you about you and none of it was simple, I decided to contribute a simple method that works and can be explained in two paragraphs.

    You prefer to go on and on about nothing. And you do a great job of that. This is the first time you have ever offered anything to anyone but non-specific rhetoric, and even this pales. Face it man, you finally have started making a few points with someone else's entry and you just can't wait to crow about it. I think that is great and congratulations. But stop with the attitude that you have all the answers because you and I both know that you are hoping like crazy that you might have finally turned the corner to consistent profits.

    Humility is a good thing db. Try it out.

    Btw, I'm going to bed now, so you are free to post more inanity without being challenged.

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  2. dbphoenix


    +8 NQ pts today with three trades. Not enough to retire on, but every little bit helps.

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  3. Well, yes, but since you have been using Mike's ideas for only a few weeks, you are not necessarily comparing apples to apples here. Wait a bit longer and you may find out that employing some other ideas in your current strategy can only help. In fact, what inandlong suggests works as well as breakout systems, but you really have to know when to use it. Perhaps that's why it did not work out for you, but it seems to be working for others who use MA crosses. Cathy is one example of that. She uses Don Miller's stuff which is of the same type.

    In another thread I suggested using some anticipatory tactics within the framework Mike and Natalie use. You can for instance enter on a strong uptrend within a 30 min bar which can only improve your entry. Or you can enter on a pullback to a 62 FR level and today you could have done that again, 8th time this month for a cool 5 ES pts (with a 2.5 stop-loss, so with a 2R) or even 6 pts if you wanted to wait long enough.

    In any case, I think that the worst thing that can happen to a trader is being dogmatic and using the same stuff on and on.

    I do adhere to breakout systems in my system trading and they do well, but I believe that discretionary trading requires much more flexibility and a constant search for an extra edge than you seem to understand.
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  4. wally,

    I have been meaning to post a thanks for the 62% FR clue. That is a nice one. And since most if not all chart packages include it, it is indeed simple.

    Thanks again. I'll post this same thanks over on the Simplicity thread to revive it a bit and give the members a chance to review the good stuff that is there too.

    Thanks again.

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  5. db, thanks for the offer. if you don't feel it is too much trouble please put together a chart. i think it would be much easier to see what you are referring to.. thanks:)
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  6. You are most welcome.

    I did not know myself that it would work that well this month. Last month though I spotted only one occurence of this phenomenon, but every bit helps, and this one seems to be very reliable from what I have seen, so why not use it when you have a chance. This month you could have scored 8*6=48 ES pts using this simple idea alone and I am not talking about any extremes here as at times you could have gotten more than 6 ES pts.
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  7. wally, i missed your "62% FR" concept, where can i find it?

    ps inandlong, thanks for the additional info in your PM. I appreciate it.:) i am taking a close look at your suggestions and comments, thanks again.
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  8. i do not wish to debates the other points discussed in this thread but inandlong raises an extremely important point that trade size impacts strategy style has changed in my evolution from 1 lot trading to 5 lot trading."TRADING WITH THE TREND" using methods such as ma crossovers will not hit home runs but if you can trade it with the proper size it will give you enough $$$$ to make it worthwhile. just my 2 cents opinion combined with actual trading results.
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  9. larry, are you saying you use a simple MA crossover system with good results because you increased size? if you would elaborate a bit on what you do that would be a big help.
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  10. yes i use a ma crossover on a 5 minute chart and only take trades in the direction of the 15 minute trend. the two ma 's that i use have a ratio of 5:1 . pick your own combo of ma"s from that guideline. i am not a computer person but my experience has been best on the 5 min chart although i am sure others will say they have tested other time frames that are better.
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