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    This has probably been beat to death, but is there any way around the IB shutdown at night that requires the secure pw generator to log back in?

    It used to just be switching the logoff time but with the pw generator is this now a dead end?

    Thank you for any replies
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    search for tws start or ibcontroller
  3. ktm


    I searched on those two terms and didn't find anything.

    If you find something, please post it here. I'd love to avoid logging in every single day.
  4. IBController
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  6. If you use the 2 factor authentication (either the security code card or the fob) I don't believe either of those programs can relogin without your manual intervention.
  7. drbob101


    Yes thats the issue and IB requires those devices now.
  8. I don't know what kind of trading you do but if you use IB Gateway instead of TWS I don't think it logs off at midnight.
  9. No, you can, despite either type of token (card or fob) you can still have IBController login for you. There have been issues in the past with it re-challenging you but I believe those to be isolated to certain versions of TWS and I have not personally found that to be an issue.

    I manually start TWS once on Sunday evening and don't have to touch it again until the weekend. Usually everything works great but due to the midnight disconnection sometimes everything doesn't always reconnect (not due to IBController or two-factor authentication) but IB's midnight disconnection policy and TWS not so perfect ability to recover those. Thankfully it is pretty rare.
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    Really? What version are you using please?
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