Keeping cancer alive: bailouts for autos, financial leeches, global warming

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that we are wasting money on failures - when we can least afford to waste money?

    20 years from now this will be seen as the failure of this time period - market adjustments were disallowed and politically-connected failures were reinforced to act like a cancer on the U.S.
  2. Yes, we have all noticed and you have to ask yourself why. Why would they spend so much money at the absolute worst time in the history of the country to do this? There is really only two possible answers.

    1. They are idiots (I dont think so since many of the leaders are ivy league graduates but you really never know by the way they act)

    2. They know the US dollar is going to collapse soon so they are spending while they still can.

    Its like the guy that runs up debt, loses his job and knows he is going to declare Bankruptcy. What does he do? Well if he is going to declare bankruptcy and have ruined credit, he is going to make sure his credit cards are maxed out when that time comes. Cash advances and buying what he can so when the bankruptcy comes, he is sitting pretty through the hard times. If he had just tried to pay off the debt and started missing payments here and there, the credit card companies would've canceled his cards and he wouldnt have got to max them out.

    So its definately one of those two situations.
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    The economy will pull itself out in spite of the bailouts. Twenty years from now it will be viewed as a victory for the Left and Obama will be in the Left's hall of fame with FDR... we live in a world that is absolutely inundated by lies.
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    Here is what it boils down to.

    Conservatives have a core belief that people should work and be rewarded for the work they do. If you want to better yourself you must start something that people want or offer work and knowlege that is valuable to people or business. In other words, you make your own future by the work you do.

    Liberals believe that those who have worked and made good money should be required to support those who don't work or who haven't been able to make a good living regardless whether is was from laziness, ineptitude, health problems or anything else.

    Since most in America are willing to give to help others less fortunate and many believe government should be a part of this giving, there are those with money who support the liberals (democratic party).

    Also, those who benefit from government help (handouts) are likely to support the liberal ideals as opposed to the "support yourself" belief. Those who are in this category greatly out number those who have done very well so they flood the voting booths when it's time to vote.

    Throw in the unions who want handouts and guarantees for workers (who are usually not well to do) and a few other lower income groups and suddenly you have the majority in the country thinking those with money should support those without money and the government should make this happen.

    Bottom line thinking:
    Conservative: Work and make your own life.
    Liberal: Take what you can from those who have what you want.
  5. And in other words, the traders on this site who are liberal, ain't making shit.
  6. Hey Buggsie. You left out the part about conservatives believing in corporate welfare.:D
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    Once again, for the most part that is the Libs. Bush abandoned his principals when he started it then Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al picked up the ball and ran with it big time.

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    If it was only this way. Do you truly believe what you wrote about conservatives.? If yes, you are too naive.

    There are pretty much no difference between republicans and democrats. Some minor thing here and there. The process allows vast majority to pick their side and release the fumes via elections and few other processes.

    Raw capitalism is just as bad as raw socialism. You just make the best out of situation and try to excel.
  9. Green energy jobs announced just today.

    As a current bear, I hope we spend a trillion dollars on getting the air and water 2% cleaner.
  10. which is better. a trillion on needless war spending or a trillion on productive projects?
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