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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by chinook, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. It's essential for a trader to have an open mind about the markets. I'm noticing many intra-day traders with short bias these days, preventing them taking long trades.

    Don't forget that markets are capable of doing anything. Who would have thought that they will see a purple polar bear one day! This polar bear is from a zoo in Argentina. Its coat turned purple after being treated with some kind of medication!

    I look at this picture and think about the markets :). Don't let the purple polars bears in the markets surprise you, always keep your mind open and unbiased.

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    That is cute!

    Yes keep an open mind, just be careful your brains do not fall out!!:D


    Great post Chinook. I see that purple bear has a nice set of claws. :)
  4. Too fuzzy some could confuse witrh undecision :D

    I would rather say prepare for opposite scenarios in your mind and know the signals that would invalidate the others in favor of the one that would be left.

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    :D .. nice one
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    No opinion is the correct one for a daytrader.
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    Assuming you have a winning system, no opinion is not only correct, but essential to extraordinary success.
  8. There are many ways the market will surprise you. Have you ever thought about seeing purple and green polar bears :)

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