Keeping accounts open whilst employed by a broker dealer

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mokwit, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Christmas is over and the headhunters have been calling.

    Is there any way that an account with a broker other than the one employing you can be kept open within the spirit and the letter of US law/regs. I am interested in US law as this would be the "most strict" and thus the one I would technically be bound by. e.g can you keep accounts open if they are 100% in cash not traded?. I have previusly opened accounts with employing broker as required but wonder about the necessity to close others

    Last time I came out of employment I lost 2 weeks of a vertical move while the account paperwork was done and I have an account with the institutional side of a broker that could now be difficult to re-open.

    Appreciate any direct experience on this.

    P.S still happy trading but I switch between the two depending on what offers are out there.