Keeping a Screen Shoot trading Journal Online

Discussion in 'Journals' started by tradingkevin, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Here is what I do:
    Using a screen capture software to capture an image before entering a trade, when the trade progresses ( with comments on your psychological ) and at the end of the trade. Also when I see something special unfolding . ( I use the Snagit to add my comments so it keeps my trading screen clean of clutter) . You can also take a last screen shot to write your thought on the trading day, how you traded, the profits or losses you made, etc...

    I tried many different screen capture software and Snagit and Hypersnap are the top 2 right now in my view . Why, because they are flexible and you can quickly edit and add comments. They are many others out there you can try . I like Snagit the most for the BUBBLE feature where you can add text into a bubble and pinpoint the bubble exaclty on the bar you are commenting on . ( Tried MWsnap but does not have comments or images feature right now . Tried VB doodle but the saved images are too big i.e. 3.5 MB . Tried many others which are either too complicated, or don't have the photo editing feature. )

    Once I am done for the day with about 10 to 20 images , I go to which offers unlimited free image upload. Two great features are the Batch image upload and the SHARE feature. The SHARE feature give you a free website to share your images online for free . Storing it on your own assigned free website, makes it nice to review trades online on any pc ( great when you are bored on holiday ) or share your trades with friends. Also, a big plus to store it on their server is, that if your PC crashes, at least you did not loss all that valuable information . You can also password protect it in case you don't want the world to see your great trades : )