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    9th Gate

    When I read articles like this one I have to think about how things are changing......

    Even if this article is not true, we can all agree that America can not function as a country if everybody has the ability to go to the beach for the day and drink Corona's. Government will not let this happen either. Look at some of the issues facing people these days:

    Bankruptcy law change
    High Housing Costs
    High Energy Costs
    High Tuition Costs
    Local Taxes
    High Medical Costs / Lower Coverage Rates
    Social Security Not in a Lock Box, No Box or Key
    Pensions Going Away
    Income Growth Flat
    Job Growth Flat
    Outsourcing Increasing and no stop in site
    Good jobs decreasing, not Walmart jobs

    Look at all the money the Government has to spend on their priorities vs putting in place some programs / laws to help with the above. The only reason I can see is to keep the little guy working. We'll give him 2 weeks and no bear allowed on the beach.

    Now for the positive and the real point to the post. America is the best country in the world and you can make it, but nobody is going to help you and Government is going to their best to keep you working. If you have capital and can put it at risk with a good plan then do it today, in the long run your either dead or killed slowly by the forces above. Lets get after it, I like Corona's and i like the beach.

  2. What do you want?

    For the average Joe-six-pack to be on the beach year-round and calling his broker, uh make that trade on-line with his E-trade acct while drinking his Corona's?

    Sorry pal, somebody's gotta produce the goods and services an economy needs unless you want to be a slave to the Chinese in 20-30 years.
  3. 9th Gate

    9th Gate

    I didn't say I wanted anything for anyone, I also didn't mention anything about trading. I only saying that the obstacles to personal freedom these days is getting greater and greater and its being allowed to happen.

    Regarding being slaves to the Chinese thats already happening Risktaker with a government that refuses to put a tariff on Goods coming into America when the Chinese refuse to free float their currency.
  4. quotes from the article: The Federal Reserve has been tightening credit since June 2004. That has caused commercial banks' prime lending rate to rise to 6.75 percent, the highest in four years. These rates are used for many short-term consumer loans, including credit cards and popular home equity lines of credit

    Add to that the fact that they are reporting (last week of September '05) that most consumers are using their credit cards to finance the ultra high gasoline prices just to get back and forth, and they were publically stating that they collectively fear what a cold winter will do to just so many households.....

    Compasionate Conservatism is what all this/these changes is/are called...