Keep the chicks out of football

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  1. What did this woman in Colorado expect being on the football team? Hell, if she had played on our high school team, we would have done more than snap towels at her ass.

    Please, do your duty as a red-blooded American male, and keep the Oprah crowd out of football. Football, wrestling, and boxing are the last bastion of good old-fashioned ass-kicking.

    Don't let this country go pussy! :cool:
  2. Hoffman also said Barnett’s comments Tuesday about former CU place kicker Katie Hnida were inappropriate. Hnida came forward this week to say that she was raped by a teammate in 1999. When questioned about Hnida’s football abilities, Barnett said she was awful.

    “You know what guys do, they respect your ability,” Barnett said Tuesday. “Katie was a girl and not only was she a girl, she was terrible and there is no other way to say it, she couldn’t kick the ball through the uprights.”
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    yeah right....I would have loved for you to do this to one of my sisters..."pussy".... snapping a towel at a lady agaisnt her cant be a bigger pussy than that..why didnt you snap ur towel at the center's ass??? tough guy....
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    You're a red blooded *ASS* Pound.

  5. It's amazing how some people have the IQ of a ROCK on ET.

    I applaud the Chancellor of the University of Colorado for not tolerating Coach Barnett's attitude. The bottomline is that this was not about a young woman's right to play football, make the team, etc.

    It was about an allegation of RAPE!

    If you can't take that seriously, then you do not deserve to be associated with an educational institution that has influence over our sons and daughters.

  6. From the Denver Post:

    Text of CU president Betsy Hoffman's opening statement at a news conference Wednesday night regarding the decision to place football coach Gary Barnett on administrative leave:

    Today we have placed head football coach Gary Barnett on administrative leave, with pay, pending the outcome of our own internal investigation and the results of the recently named Independent Investigating Committee.

    Our decision today is intended to allow these investigations to work in a thoughtful, fair and expeditious manner.

    In addition, we have had a number of inquiries regarding Coach Barnett's recent remarks abut former student Katie Hnida's athletic abilities. Clearly, we believe these remarks were inappropriate and insensitive. Whether or not Ms. Hnida was competitive as an athlete is irrelevant.

    Her allegations of rape and sexual harassment by teammates are extremely distressing. These allegations warrant careful and precise examination. We spoke with Coach Barnett and expressed our deep concerns about his remarks.

    In the next few days, we will work with athletic director Richard Tharp to arrange for day-to-day management of the football program. We anticipate completion of the Independent Investigating Committee's work by April 30, 2004, as determined by the Board of Regents.

  7. Nobody wants girls on the football team. Get over it Slickie.
  8. Hey look, my point is that girls shouldn't be sniffing around football teams. She sucked, and she wanted to join the team for other reasons.
  9. You don't get it fool. I respect women, but they don't belong in the freaking locker room, all right? This idiot was asking for it. Any time a girl wants to join a football team, watch out because they'll cry rape if they weren't treated nicely. It's a load of bull.
  10. Take off your skirt dude. Sounds like you've been emasculated by the Oprah crowd, too.
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