Keep that bone down

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by joe4422, Sep 28, 2010.

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  2. Then go fck yourself, sissy.

    bone is a straight shooter, regardless any disagreement I might have had with him. He is a successful trader and that is what ET needs more of.

    I vote he stays. We need him.
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    You're confused or intentionally twisting the truth...the thread starter (OP) is winborntrader (winborn)...not JoePaterno.

    Further, it was JoePaterno that showed up in winborntrader thread and accused him of planning a paid service in the future. Bone than responded to JoePaterno (not winborntrader) and called JoePaterno a pussy.

    Come on guys, keep the mudslinging truthful. :D

  4. bone is just a walking temper tantrum. Rather than backing his claim of 18 profitable years and many paid profitable clients (ya da ya da), he huffs and rants and threatens legal action. When all he has to do is go to a place like Of course, he has proved remarkably allergic to being tested by someone other than his anonymous "references."

    Note: when someone points to testimonials rather than verified results, that probably tells you which side of the 99% of useless trading services they aer on that are offered on ebay/internet/many other places...
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    JoeP is also "TraderZones".

    I've been getting private PMs about it and "Fireplace" spilled the beans on the Feedback forum 'garbage' thread.

    The same guy who was peddling a trading system for a quarter mill and without all of the "verification" he asks of other people. He was also fishing around amongst the membership looking to start up an educational service.

    There is also another "Joe" lurking around here who is heavily related, to say the least.
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    Which specific 1% are useful. :confused:

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    Why does Bone not even have a name? What is he hiding?
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    same same. multiple personality disorder. you are asking my name when you beguile under false aliases?
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    Oh my God. I just read Joe4422's posts in that link.

    He has apparently never traded anything in his life.

    He has absolutely no concept of what a regulated futures contract is. Astonishing.

    He should have photoshopped some statements and grabbed the $10K in cash.

    Joe4422 has absolutely no standing on ET. None. Amazing.
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