keep selling 10 year losers

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  1. i'll buy on friday

    America is doing fine

    Construction everywhere

    growth and prosperity

    No one gives a **** about the 10 year but speculators and daytraders and funds that dump based on news.

    The US economy drives the market and the economy is doing just fine.

    Fed wont raise rates

    Look forward to buying back when panic sellers get out

    All the over leveraged folks are also
    gonna fry.

    Buy & hold

    The dow will eventually pass 14000 in a few months.

  2. All that construction is or actually WAS being financed with cheap money. All is changing in the global macro world. China doesn't want to buy our 10 yr notes anymore, thus the provider of cheap rates is backing out of the game. This expnasion was not on true solid fundamentals, it was on nothing more than people and companies taking on debt with extremely cheap money.

    Dipshits like you that have no clue as to what drives an economy will watch your equity gains over many quarters get wiped away in weeks, BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO FUCKING STUPID TO REALIZE YOU CAN TAKE A PROFIT!!

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  5. don't worry, since the economy is strong he can find a job at KFC or Ross
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  9. jd7419


    Stocktrader said "No one gives a **** about the 10 year but speculators and daytraders and funds that dump based on news."

    That might be the single dumbest comment I have ever read on et. The only one who cares about the 10 year is every fucking trading desk on the planet you idiot.

    Comments like the shit you spew stocktrader get me so angry because they have the the intellectual level of a 3 year old chimp. Do yourself a favor and learn just one thing about the stock market before you make any more idiotic comments.

  10. Don't feed the trolls, guys. Let the guy continue to post and when he sees his threads get no responses, he'll go back under whatever rock it is he posts from.
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