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  1. Dice2


    For all those who wish, try sending an e-mail to QQL about this and see what happens. Nothing to lose!!! :cool:

    I send an e-mail to QQL directly [] asking them what would it take to keep QQL alive and telling them who grateful we are for using such a great software. I have received the following reply in turn :


    "Thank you for the kind words. We have strived to put out the best service we can and we are glad that you appreciate it. I have forwarded your request to the person in charge of the shutdown. I will e-mail you when I receive a reply.

    Quicken Quotes Live support."


    It might be the decision of "just one person" who knows nothing about trading or the software itself, and is only looking after the bottom line for Intuit. Hence, some pressure and show of support for the software & the people behind it might just do it!!!

    Like I said... we have NOTHING TO LOSE! So just send as many e-mails as possible and let's see if it makes a difference. After which, can't be blamed for not trying! And I am sure we have all the support of the QQL team!!!

    Keep it real.

    Peace and best of luck... Dice
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    Argggg! I just bought the dang thing 4 days ago (partly due to the reviews on this site) and I'm demanding a full refund having spent many hours learning the program and configuring it only to learn it's been an empty-nose-blowing-exercise.

    But your suggestion is a good one... I'll add to my complaint that I was really happy with the product and would continue with it if they reconsidered their action.

    Anyone know why they're pulling the plug?
  3. Dice2


    I already send couple of e-mails to this address as well :

    But this is where I got the reply from :

    I think the QQL staff would most likely want to stay on rather than lose a job! So we got back-up! :cool:

    I also think that the reason for pulling the plug is there bottom line! If orders came from the top to cut costs. So most likely CEO will shut down what he does not know! How many wanna bet he probably does not know how to use it! But hey... he is our only hope! :D

    NOTHING TO LOSE... so give it a shot and see what gives. Takes like 5 minutes of creative thinking! If nothing else you can vent out [but keep it nice] on this. It helps either way.

    Peace... Dice
  4. I will send another one now.

    Lets hope this works I have come accustomed to QQL and I don't want to have to start over with another service.
  5. I also sent an email yesterday.
  6. I also sent an email today
  7. Dice2


    If anyone can find his/her e-mail, please post so we can send it directly! Or the person in charge of shut down.

    I found some info on Intuit web site, but no direct list of CEO e-mail!

    Peace and good luck. Let's keep it up... who knows! Nothing to lose here. :cool:

    Peace... Dice
  8. if you mail them, i think it is good to include a link to this
    forum, so that "the evil person" does not conclude his/her
    own employees want to keep it alive only...
  9. After Datek & Ameritrade, Istinet & Island...

    I also sent an email today.
  10. I sent an email a few minutes ago.
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