Keep losses small let winners run ?

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  1. Not the best day trader but sticking to the basic principle of letting winner's run and cut losses short I had a positive day.

    Here's how it all went.


    Just a random comment on a cold Friday night looking for conversation. :)

    Think Im on the right track if I can keep this mentality alive.
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  3. i think both post have equally good value
  4. Winners, family, tits? These are a few of my favorite things. Best thread ever.
  5. Looks ok, good ups, small downs, good winning %. Not glamours but working the odds = a living, hopefully more.
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    Now adding size to it would be great.
  7. Yes, I meant to add the part about size also.
  8. Adding size is not a problem, but size will only come with proven results.

    I'm doing it in cash which is something I needed to do, beat comm, slippage and psych.

    Size will come if I'm blessed with consistency.

    Now, this is strictly daytrading, swing trading I have no problem, it's the speed of the daytrade that have taken me a long time to maneuver.
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    Exactly, don't increase your position size until you have a proven to yourself that your profits are consistent along with having confidence in your trading system.

    In addition, don't violate your money management rules after increasing your position size whenever that occurs.
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    If it'll help..., don't think it...

    Know it..., own it..., live and breath it... then trade it day in and day out - as it is the only way

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