Keep ET fair and ban dddooo

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  1. since free speech is not in the commercial interest of ET I suggest we keep it fair and ban dddooo. she matched wael post for post in their debates. I have no doubt that a group got together and pressured Baron to ban Wael.... i am just hoping enough of you see the justice in also banning dddoooo. her multiple rants filled with hate speech don't deserve banning.. i am usually against the practice, but i know wael will not be unbanned so i say let's do the right thing.

    Wael's final message to ET:
  2. [​IMG]

    FWIW I have nothing to do with it, you on the other hand have once again proven to be a low [and stupid] life implying without a shred of evidence that I was involved in having Wael banned. Then I never expected anything better from you, once a rat - always a rat, once "88" - always "88", accusing innocent people and defending guilty as hell islamofascist scumbags/stormfront members has been your MO since you registered on ET.

    Let me also assure you that I could not care less whether I get banned, unlike Wael I am not waging some pathetic electronic intifada so participation in these debates will not affect my access to 72 virgins. I do understand where you're coming from though, you've lost every debate we had so this is your only chance to get even.
  3. dddooo is she?
  4. No, but ratbaby thinks he is insulting me by referring to me as she. He ain't too bright.
  5. sorry, my bad... her effeminate ways confused me.

    LOL @ ratbaby
  6. see.. she has no logic. i never once claimed doodoo got wael banned... but she rants for multiple lines saying that i did. i don't know who got wael banned.. i was thinking some sponsors of the site did. i actually believe doodoo had nothing to do with the banning. but she still must go.. just to keep things fair. and considering that she doesn't mind.. let's make it official.
  7. ban anyone who reduces any serious civil discussion to insults, hate and fear mongering against people of other race or religion. let's keep it fair.

    i don't want to point fingers bcos most posters on the P&R need to reassess their behavior towards others.would we behave in the same manner if we could be identified? baron, time to be fair. you even let a former moderator spread his hate but you banned wael.

    i don't know about you guys but even though ET has great info, i don't recommend it to others bcos of the hate in this section.
  8. well.. i don't know about all that... you seem a little sensitive in my humble opinion. but let's just get rid of doodoo and his hate mongering then i will feel justice was served.
  9. well if you take a look at the emotion filled replies in the P&R section, it's pretty obvious that everybody is sensitive. as the saying goes arguments are the worst of form of conversation and A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

    baron do the right thing an un-ban wael or start banning others. you even allowed a former moderator to spread hate and he still posts hate whenever he visits this section.
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