Keep DSL line up during power outage possible?

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by etherboy, Oct 10, 2006.

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    It happens again. Today my area's experienced a power outage again for over an hour. I was using DSL at home.

    I wonder if I use a laptop computer, a UPS power backup system, and plug the whole trading system on that UPS, including DSL modem, router, my laptop, will I still be able to trade? I know in a blackout period, only the power to the house will be out. The phone line will still be up. But I wonder whether I can still use DSL if I have a backup system. Thanks.
  2. Sure, good idea. I would rely on the laptop's battery and leave it out of the UPS-loop for max run-time. As long as there is power to your DSL modem [and router] you'll be fine.
  3. Yeah you should test before the outage happens. My 3 screen rig running NT, charts, and chatting with my mentors on skype ( with a 1000 VA BB ) lasted a whopping 8 minutes before I had to plug it back in. That doesn't include the other same size BB for modem and router. It really depends on how much stuff you are doing when on BB.
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    i would ask my provider first. run entire setup on UPS possible, but it have to be really big UPS and low consumption PC and monitor. i have old P3 for this situation paired with 14" LCD monitor. PC consume about 40 watt's on idle and about 60 on 100% CPU.
    this one-

    wil last for more than hour easy.BJ's ,SAM's and costco good place to buy.
    you can buy,test and if you don't like -simply return it. prices are way cheaper than best buy
  5. i use a 1500 watt ups...

    i have 2 of them...

    i split my systems between the two and have about 25 minutes of up time...

    you can find these units for 200 bucks on ebay for a 1500watt 8 outlet apc unit...i will look for the link...

    wouldn't trade without them....
  6. etherboy


    Thank you all.

    I have my trading system on my Pentium 4 desktop and I know it consume at least 3-4 times more power than my laptop. But since the power outage happens so often, I serious consider move it to my laptop.

    I can't imagine if I have a trade position, and then the outage came right at the time you desperately want to get out that position (if you know you are wrong), that will be very scary.
  7. but doesn't so many connections plugged into 1 outlet overload the house fuse/circuit breaker panel?

    Theoretically you would have 16 electronic devices running on the same house circuit if they are all in the same room?

    Won't that keep tripping the breaker?

  8. Josh009


    electric outlets are a concern... normally, the max per circuit (not per outlet) is 15 amps, so if you have a lot of gear, plug it in on different circuits I have a big ups that runs my modem, router, dual xeon box, and 5 monitors. since it runs all that gear, it requires a 20 amp circuit (different plug). i get about 8 minutes max.

    I added the new circuit, and the 2200kva ups after 3 or 4 outages earlier this summer....power hasn't gone out since :D
  9. 1 am using one circuit that is isolated for my trading gear...

    15 amp...

    so far not an issue with overload or blackouts...
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    I can confirm that it does work w/ verizon DSL- they shut off the power in my building this morning. I was still connected and placing orders from my laptop (battery power) and my modem/router connected to a UPS.
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