Keep bringing the market down to its knees

Discussion in 'Trading' started by HedgefundTrader2, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Get lost idiot...
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  2. Fangdog


    LOL, typical response from a born loser who will never amount to anything unless it is given to him.
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  3. Drew07


    day just give it up man and get short. you'll make some money and we can all stop listening to your whining.
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  4. it's funny how many people have no idea that unpatriotic acts can and often do result in rising prices.
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  5. why are you so jealous of those profiting from natural market forces? You think ET'ers have any real influence over the greater markets? Of course we dont, we are a small bunch! Get that through your head, WE DONT influence the markets. We merely trade them to profit.
    You can blame your govt and the people in charge for allowing us to reach this sorry state of affairs in this, formerly, great nation.

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  6. Moreagr


    oh yes we found another yahoo message board drama queen with pockets deeper than the deepiest abyess on earth.

    you are getting all the attention you need here. please stay and boast. maybe we need to follow the leader. :cool:

    PS just let us know when the next major trend is going up. also dont forget to buy what you want first and then tell us the big wave up to the moon.
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  7. There are brief periods in all markets where rank amateurs can make a lot of money. 1999 for tech stocks was one of them, and this appears to be another. Just be ready when things don't go your way and you lose all this "easy money." You're putting way too much stock in your doom and gloom scenario and will be as lost as Day when the market changes course.

    No bull market for 20 years? Sounds like Robert Prechter in the mid-80s. Of course, he now tries to sound like a genius who "predicted" the current downtrend. Yeah, he predicted it for two decades as stocks enjoyed the best run ever recorded.

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  8. How do you figure I am loser idiot? I am still up 77% in 5 quarters of trading. Many people in this market can't even keep that up, not even Warren Buffet, or any value investors have those percentages dumabass.

    Stick your tongue where you can lick something, my ass in not the place.
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  9. I do whats called high probability trades with 80% or better probability, one standard deviation away, does not matters where the market moves as long as they donot breach my short positions on both sides. I short on both sides up and down.

    These are IRON condors or double diagonals , calendar spreads with time decay just about $1000 a day into the account alone...
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  10. Fangdog


    I have met a number of born-losers in my life and you fit the profile to a "T". Winners do not fill public forums with drivel such as you do....but hey, don't get me are entertaining on a boring day and a little comedy is in long as your rich Grandma makes your margin calls, you will be around to entertain.
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