Keep bringing the market down to its knees

Discussion in 'Trading' started by HedgefundTrader2, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Three insults in a row. On a roll :p
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  2. plugger


    Let's see, I'm making money (18% this week alone) and you're down 35% (or more since I see Google hitting new lows each day). Need I say more?

    Oh wait, yes I will. Short, short, short. I love making money on the short side.

    No more bull markets. Huge credit crunch. Globalist smartie stocks being SLAUGHTERED. Very dangerous being long right now. Huge downside. Bulls will be butchered.

    See my friend, no one would give you a hard time if you weren't such a jerkoff. Yet you come on here and post how everyone is stupid and doesn't get it. YET YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS DOWN 35% IN TWO MONTHS. Who's the stupid one? It's like a student who flunks a test and then calls the teacher stupid. See you've confused brains with a bull market. You've simply been fooled by randomness.

    With that I bid you adieu. I love bear markets. I'm so happy Warren Buffet is manipulating the markets down for his own benefit. All great stuff.

    Huge downside to come. Very risky to hold globalist smartie stocks.
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  3. plugger


    I'm a caged beast making TONS of money shorting the hell out of Google and other globalist smartie stocks. I'm loving it.
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  4. plugger


    Oh wait, I forgot, YEE HAW!!!! I love the smell of falling stocks in the morning.

    Da da da daaa da....
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  5. dinoman


    Sleazbag reporting in....

    Get a freaking clue and save yourself while you can. Instead of acting like an ass maybe you should seek others advice on here.

    You have obviously lost your tail so far this year (down 30%+ so you say) and all you can do is call people names and cry foul. The whole stock market and the people selling are fouls and your the only one that is right.

    I think maybe you should be consulting your woo's with Larry Kudlow and Dennis Neale.

    Quit being a dick and address reality!

    You can start by looking up the definition of supply and demand.
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  6. Three fitting replies to insane yahoos climbing aboard a fast moving train....they are bound to fall.
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  7. Hey sleazebag,

    The reality is staring in your face buddy. You are about to bring upon yourself a horrific lesson and a deep recession by your own mental state of mind. I hope this recession breaks your spine and you wander around on your fours or crawl on your elbows and knees dipping for food on the ground.

    Living in a privileged republic has disabled your inner senses taken away all your courage and manhoods.


    I am still the same trader, I take my losses without complain. Makes me stronger than before....well experienced. Markets will be here forever, and when the odds are in my favor, I will suck all the blood out of it plus some more and without remorse in a calm sustained and methodical revenge.
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  8. Drink another bottle of JIM BEAM on your cheap linoleum floor and drop in your puke and pass out...
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  9. NazSpaz


    Whoa, you just described my weekends perfectly... Eerie. :)
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  10. If only that last neuron of yours was functional you would actually be doing this right now. Instead, you are bitching and moaning and complaining and losing money. Who's the biggest fool?
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