Keep bringing the market down to its knees

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  1. GOOG has been a great short this week. I grabed a little of that.

    As I expected, getting short yesterday in that "choppy" rally was the proper way to go.

    I will try not to be forced out of my short positions this time, carrying them today and over the weekend.

    Monday could be bloody if Friday isn't. (tomorrow)

    Neg. news everywhere and the market has no steam. Fed talk of cutting 100 basis is the best news ever....although the chance of such a cut is slim.

    The consumer is toast, OIL is just starting its run.

    IMHO this summer will be the death of the market, breaking the 11000 mark.

    As far as US CITIZEN's being cowards. I would agree that most of the sheepole want the government to bail them out of their own stupid fucking mistakes. They do want "Re-distribution" of wealth and Socialist Stimulas packages.

    At least half of the Citizens are communist, if not socialist.

    However, we have a lot of Citizens fighting for this fucked up country. They risk their lives for "Yahoos".

    So, I would say that 50% of what you claim is true.

    Capitalism, Freedom, and the WILL TO FIGHT SOCIALISM and Agression is slowly being eroded.
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  2. plugger


    This comment from a guy who is DOWN 35% THIS YEAR. Only two months, just think what a year will bring.

    Keep selling. Yee haw!!!! It's been great. Let's see my Google short:

    $693 - $433/$693 = 37.52% on this trade alone. Yee haw!!!!!
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  3. I care less. I hope the unemployment report comes as nasty as it can be clearly showing there is no way out of it again. That should be the last nail in the coffin...

    Crash the sucker into a wall. But oh no they always prop it enough to trap mom and pop investors and than they milk them down. I wish we have a major crash tomorrow and all this selling and buying will cease for months to come. Wish that can materialize.. it will be Gods gift to our budding doom and gloom audience in America.
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    Me too!!!! Something we agree on. More money for me. Yee haw!!!!!

    More money for Warren Buffet. Yee haw!!!!! Soon he will own everything for pennies on the dollar. Yee haw!!!!!

    Marc Faber says more damage. Google going down at least 50%. Not there yet. Yee haw!!!

    Doom and gloomers are great. Bear markets are great. Short Google is great. Puts are great.

    Yee haw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Seriously day, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with these crazy, paranoid rants? You seem to be in bigtime denial about out current situation. You seem to want to apply blame for your obvious shortcomings. If I were you (thank the good Lord i'm not), I would cut my losses and move on, you don't belong in this business. I seriously doubt you have much of anything at risk in the market, people who post as much as you do are posers and just screaming for attention. I don't think i've seen any one person on et who is as flat out hated by everyone else. So at least you have that going for you! Congrats!
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  6. look how bad the weekly chart is...its impelling itself a spike fashion..
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    I created a thread dedicated to day7793 for this exact purpose:

    Have at it. Yee haw!!!
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  8. There not much left to short idiot. Unless it goes up you are out of your delusions.
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    Yee haw!!!

    Stocks have gone down so much already. Yee haw!!!!

    Me and Warren Buffet have made so much money. Yee haw!!!!

    No more bull markets for another 20 years. No more credit. Yee haw!!!!!!

    Short, short, short. Yee haw!!!!
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  10. Can you change your post at least ?

    Are you suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
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