Keep bringing the market down to its knees

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  1. Citizens of America are basically cowards. They have no guts and no inner resources to deal with life and the wrinkles it produces. They demand and feel entitled to things that they dont even deserve and their country always keep obliging them with appeasements and favors. Fed have cut rates, Congress has passed stimulus packages, FHA has increased housing limits to $ 729,000 and bond insurers are being bailed out. If that was not enough defaulting borrowers are appeased with promises of principal forgiveness .. the list goes on and on. There is no stone left unturned, yet they keep dwelling on doom and gloom and in fitful rage refusing every overture made to them.

    John F. Kennedy once said " Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". He was a wise man, he knew the laggard and cowpokes and cowards populated his citizenry, he knew these were wee wee babies crying at every instance and they look towards their Government as a general caretaker. He called upon their asses and yelled at them.

    Forty years later, It all shows up as a collective emotion in the stock market. It all shows up clear as a bell. Lets turn the page to March 2008.

    Negative sentiment overtook lots of positive news today March 6, 2008. Anticipation of Friday's unemployment report intensified into late hour selling binges, fear gripped buyers who did not have any reason to jump into the fractured indexes. The market was broken beyond repair, nothing could have saved it at all. It was a classic fear filled anticipatory panic attack in the last hour.

    With anticipatory anxiety in a full gear we managed to bring the market down to its knees again. Its been one week of selling binges and all the indexes are way oversold at this juncture. The thing is cooked and burned beyond belief.

    The only thing left was to pee in the diapers and that too will be accomplished on Friday morning.

    Hats off to the cowards.
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    It's been great. I shorted GoogLE at $693 and am still holding. I'm amazed at the rate of the decline. I'm making money hand over fist. I won't even mention my puts on the S&P and BIDU. Fantastic.

    I hope there is more gloom and pessimism. My Goldman Sachs short is doing well but I think it could go further. Ditto for RIMM.

    Thank goodness for Warren Buffet. This week alone, he's padded my pockets for another 18%. I hope he can come out with some more gloomy statements. Bring it on. Thanks Warren, you're making my year. I know the guy is secretly buying at these depressed prices, but that's great. He just keeps making more and more money. Yee haw!

    It's too bad these globalist smartie stocks are going down. Soon enough Buffet will own them all at bargain basement prices. Yee haw!!!

    It's been a great year!!!! Thank you pessimists. THANK YOU WARREN BUFFET!!!!!!!

  4. I think your diapers are wet not mine.

    Wait till Friday morning you can have a full blown brownie ready for your caretaker.
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    Oops, I forgot to thank the cowards.


  6. You are trying to squeeze blood from turnips. There is not much left to squeeze. Unless there is a rally your nickles and dimes will never progress beyond few days. Bears need rallies, otherwise they won't exist.
  7. Day7793 = BIGGEST CRYBABY on ET
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    I'm so giddy, I feel like I'm on stage accepting an Oscar Award. I forgot to thank someone else.


    Keep up the selling boys. Yee haw! It's been great.

    There will never be another bull market for another 20 years at least!!!! Globalist smartie stocks going down even more. Yee haw!!!

  9. SP can go to 900...and lower since technically the oil spike reaffirmed itself...

    basically, american consumer, discretionary spending dollars will be less and less..

    market forces are waging a all out war on the american consumer.

    FED will print more and more dollars to save the consumer, hyperinflation... here we come.
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