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  1. Good AM rock n roll fans. today I have a tasty treat for you CBLI. There is a whole lot going on with this company from stem cell lines to being able to stop the russian radiation poison they have been throwing around. Today watch for any volume accumulation mid day due to:

    Michael Fonstein, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer at Cleveland BioLabs, will give a presentation on the Company followed by a question and answer session on February 14, at 11:15 a.m. ET.

    Cleveland BioLabs currently has two lead compounds in late stages of development. Curaxin CBLC102 is a small molecule designed to kill tumor cells by simultaneously targeting two key regulators of apoptosis. The Company has initiated a Phase II trial with CBLC102 in hormone refractory prostate cancer.

    The Company's other lead compound, Protectan CBLB502, is a modified protein of a microbe that protects cells from apoptosis. CBLB502 is the first compound of its kind to provide protection from both gastrointestinal and hematopoietic (bone marrow/blood production) radiation-induced damage. Other applications for this technology include protection from cancer treatment side effects.

    Cleveland BioLabs recently announced a new discovery regarding its Protectan 600 series of compounds being developed for radiation protection. A single administration of CBLB612, the lead compound in the Protectans 600 series, in healthy mice resulted in a three-fold increase in the number of progenitor (originator) stem cells in mouse bone marrow within 24 hours after administration. Moreover, the number of these stem cells in peripheral blood was increased 10-fold within four days of administration.

    Dr. Fonstein will be available for investor meetings in New York on February 13-14.

    11:15 Q & A> if a nice rally develops in the stock today I imagine it will be just after lunch. ~ stoney
  2. It's happening early folks!

    CBLI explodes thru $9,then surges past 9.50 before pulling back
  3. Folks I'm buying more here at $9.00.... R U?
  4. Whats the downside risk?
  5. Traderyin I'll be honest I have no idea- if the market were to turn over violently this could go back to where the Barrons piece came out that was at least $2 ago if not more! However, I am a tricky boy and have some support to this stock because Feb 22 they are at Roth conference and I don't think Roth has coverage yet on them... Put two and two together hot stock rah rah conference, the need for the small houses to latch onto a winner... it's just a guess but how can this not go to $12?
  6. CBLI Cleveland Biolabs Inc (NASDAQ CM) 10.70 +0.55 ( +5.42%)

    Oh my God I'm making so much freakin money on this stock! Calling Topdown! Come in Topdown! What you think? How far we take this.......???? Traderyin you better be in!
  7. ElCubano


    i left so much on the table ...i sold at 8 and change like 1 week and half ago...
  8. Elcubano in deference to you I am stepping off!
    I know you think friendships like that cannot be made in cyberspace. But your tale of woe has rang my bell. The nasty stock is up again- this time 20% in a single day!
    with No News!!!! I don't know what to say. I repeat it is an interesting damn story but it was also on no one's radar before that Barrons story. ( except maybe Elcubano!) Anyway friend I cannot go on making this much money day after day 14% here 20% here not without you my amigo. For you sir- i disembark with dignity!

    Topdown if you stay in this I'll kill you!
  9. topdown


    No - Patience is something I really have to work on - LET YOUR WINNERS RUN!. I am going to print that out and put it on my wall right now.

    I sold on Friday - Nervous holding over 3 day weekend.
  10. Well it should be apparent by now this is not stopping. Up another $2 today. My whole disembark with dignity thing is out the window. Now Wouldn't it be like Barrons to pour a little water on this fire next week? You know in that snarky "we said it was good but this good?" sort of way. Maybe I should of waited for a big reversal day before selling but this is NOSEBLEED territory folks!!!
    poor elCubano & topdown!!

    Is this a short now...???
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