Keating Five redux

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  1. If you're not old enough to remember (like me) you really should read about the Keating Five at

    What it boils down to is a group of bankers solicited government to change banking regulations for their pecuniary benefit. It is said to have been the root of the Savings & Loan crisis of a few decades ago.

    So what are we going to call the group of idiots behind the meeting with Paulson & Cox wherein leverage was taken from 7:1 to 30:1?

    And who were the attendees at that meeting? Anyone know where to get meeting minutes and a list of attendees?
  2. what I find more ironic is that no one seems to remember nor recognize the names of the esteemed keating 5, as they tend to resurface from time to time.:D

    S&L debacle then, Subrpime debacle now.
    Nothing new under the sun, and contrary to popular opinion, the players don't always change.
  3. John McCain was (is) one of them.

    Ironic that he's running for POTUS today, isn't it?
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    low life Keating 5 vs. 100K Proud Americans
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  7. Where's Tim McVeigh when you need him....
  8. You are a usless punk Pa(b)st Prime and now on hopefully everyone's ignore list.

    shamefull. why do these new republicans fail to have discussions w/o the threat of violence or fear?
  9. this needs a caption contest
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