KC Wheat first day on CBOT

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    Hello Again.

    I want to tell something,

    that i will put it out of my soul and heart.

    A Black Day was the 1st of July 2013.

    Because this so important Wheat Exchange for the U.S.A and not only,

    dissapeared in the "hands" of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( CME ).

    Also, that happened with the USD Value of 126 Million.

    I believe that is a rediculous Price,

    which does not represend any Future Growth.

    Right now,

    the only independent U.S.A Exchange for the True Gold ( Wheat ),

    remains the Minneapolis Grain Exchange ( MGEX ).

    By the way, the recent time period exist a very big raise in the Price of the Seat, there.

    Seems, that exist People and Companies that find Value, over there.

    I hope their Board of Directors to keep this Exchange independent and never to sell it.

    ( By the way, i do not own a Seat there. )

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
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    Hello Again.

    Here are very early hours in the morning,

    with my local time,

    but how to go for sleep when see the last WASDE Numbers of "Alan Greenspan" of USDA, Joseph Glauber,

    relative to Wheat:

    http://www.usda.gov/oce/commodity/wasde/latest.pdf .

    Impress me a lot,

    which Numbers have put for the U.S.A Wheat Production.

    I do not know,

    but i see very bad Conditions in the U.S. Drought Monitor,

    for the U.S.A States of:

    Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Nebraska.

    Now, for the damn bastards of EU,

    predicts low Stocks.

    Very low.

    Also, for these damn bastards of EU,

    i want to have into their minds,

    especially the 2 World War's losers, Germans,

    the possibility of a War,

    which i believe that will happen around here.

    So, damn bastards of EU,

    be careful with your Wheat Stockpiles.

    Now, likes me their Numbers for China's Stocks.

    Also, believes that China will raise their Wheat purchases.

    But, if have big Stocks why will raise their Wheat purchases ?

    Now, another disastrous thing that happened,

    is, that i can not find this:

    http://www.mrci.com/kcbt/kw/spdstat.php ,

    into the CME Internet Site.

    We have it for free in the Kansas City Board of Trade ( KCBT ) Internet Site,

    now who knows.


    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
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    the true goal is globalization.
  5. kanellop


    Hello Again.

    The Kansas City Board of Trade ( KCBT ) was far away more important for qualilty Wheat from Chicago Mercantile Exchange ( CME ).

    But had bad luck in their Board of Directors.

    Kansas City Board of Trade ( KCBT ) was a Global Exchange for Wheat.

    For quality Wheat,

    where someone seriously can go in this Earth ?

    In 2 Exchanges.

    In Kansas City Board of Trade ( KCBT ) and in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange ( MGEX ).

    If have serious intentions the Board of Directors in Minneapolis Grain Exchange ( MGEX ),

    and want to put additional value in their Seat over there,


    a) Make active the Agricultural Indices,

    b) Create active Wheat Spreads between CME, KCBT, MGEX Wheat's,

    c) Create active New Products.

    Best Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.