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    heh...dont know what they selling, too much errors on front page.
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    the thread topic sounded to me like the new summer line of kenneth cole wear...
  3. Let me revisit this topic.

    Has anyone had any experience with this software?

    My opinion is somewhat critical, but perhaps I am wrong. It looks to me that they post their results after optimizing them first, that is they generate them in hindsight by adjusting the system parameters, in particular the system maximum stop loss. If you check the maximum loss per trade you will see that it ranges from $150 to $425 for the last two years or so. That suggests that the results are optimized after the fact...

    Any other opinions?
  4. I didn't check the web page (not in market for systems)but...what if stops were simply adjusted for volatility. That would then produce variable stop losses, no?

  5. Well, yes, but that would also imply a greater variability of stop losses. Here for the past two years you have $150 most of the time and then $300 and $425 on two different occasions. Sounds too much like curve fitting in hindsight...

    Well, anyway, unless someone who actually uses the system advises us how the stop-losses are adjusted we can only speculate...
  6. I don't know about the system but I know the book sucks. Close to worthless.
    The book is nothing more than a long advertisement for you to buy his program. If you like to pay people to sell you something then this is your guy.