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    here is there web-site, which has barely nothin...


    Have been trying to find out what I can about them...hasn't been much. From what I have found, they're in inactive clearing firm for the CME, and they trade CME/CBOE mostly index work.


    There is a very good CME "Access Directory", a compiled list of brokers / platforms, trade groups, and some other info. KC's info is on page 69...reads as follows...

    "KC-CO II, LLC is a Chicago-based trading firm
    that has had a strong presence in the
    derivatives industry since 1986. KC-CO is a
    private, member-owned firm trading exclusively
    for its own accounts. The firm primarily makes
    markets in index and interest rate options on
    the three Chicago derivatives exchanges, both
    on the exchange floors and over electronic
    interfaces. KC-CO is an inactive clearing
    member of CME.

    The firm has a strong history of promoting its
    trading assistants to firm traders after their
    extensive training both on the trading floor, in
    trading strategy meetings and during
    supplemental classroom sessions.

    KC-CO utilizes proprietary trading and risk
    management software developed and
    maintained by in-house information technology
    and quantitative research personnel."

    Anyways, that's what I can help out with. Will post here if I find anything more out. Anybody else have info / know anyone from the firm? All thoughts welcome.

  2. My sources tell me that the firm has been dissolved due to irreconcilable differences between the principals.
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