KBH 10 strike call at 0.93~1.1 last week

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  1. also IYR call. THLD call.

    directly buy some BZH at 2.93 and 2.5 call at 0.55(not much,volume too low)

    my reasons are: Fed will keep the rate low for long period, economy will finally pick up speed, and labor market is trending better.

    technically they are breaking up, all above EMA50, most time, i.e.,long term buy.
  2. reduced some BZH stocks. THLD seems good, still holded it.
    still hold others. so far only THLD shows me some profit.

    the market is not realizing the home builders market actually gets better and better. all the data points toward improvements.

    the market is stuck to the range, not go up, not go down.

    really sucks.

    I like bear market. this bull market really kills my patience.

    I should short some laggers such as WLT, X...
  3. still hold them. the index is starting to dump.

    but IYR, KBH, BZH, THLD did not fall at all. my call is 9/21, kind of shaking by the dumping in index.

    KBH holding becomes green, THLD still green. BZH/IYR still red. they did not hit my loss cutting level, get to watch them carefully.

    tomorrow Ben's talk may stire something up.

    bought some MCP puts today, very lucky, it dropped today, did not take out yet, wait for more drop tomrrow to cover.
  4. THLD jumps just as i expect. IYR/BZH almost green.
    just be patient, looks KBH will jump next week as THLD.

    still hold everything. patience will pay off.
  5. added some more for THLD in the dip.
    KBH is breaking up, added more.
    added some IYR calls when it fell to 65.02+.

    great things will happen
  6. exit all of THLD above 9 with meaningful profit
    exit all BZH with minor loss, could not tolerate its slowness, do not make any sense to me, it just moves several cents, my calls do not move at all
    still hold IYR & KBH call, green, but not too much. I lost patience in this play, I am thinking to get out.
  7. just thinking about getting out, it starts to boom. this is really what I must grasp: keep patient. glad, I push my patience limit again and again.

    still hold KBH/IYR, kbh call almost doubled. wait for it to 13 to sell my calls.

    hope tomorrow employment situation data will help more in this rally.

    bought some SPY 143 call (9/7 expire) at 0.17in the opening,five fold gain, out half at the closing, and get a little bit greedy, hold another half till tomorrow employment situation data.

    great day!
  8. added BAC 8 call, CHK 20.5 call, GLD 160 call, BIDU 105 put for week ending 9/14. , still hold IYR and KBH call.
  9. out all BAC with 30% gain, half of KBH with 100+% gain, out all IYR with nothing gained. looks the market is going to drop hard when FOMC annouces.judge AAPL wrong, bought some calls 0f 705 in the opening, lost, when I turnned on my computer at the closing, saw it dropped 20points, I judge there is no way it will go up to 705, so I dumped them with a loss. still hold GLD 170 calls.
  10. LOL ...... You are all by yourself trader198, so I thought I would pop in and say Hi.

    Nobody gives a rats ass about your trades.

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