Kazakhstan: Government to build UFO base and alien embassy

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  1. http://www.sott.net/articles/show/181351-Kazakhstan-Government-to-build-UFO-base-and-alien-embassy

    "The Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia is in the process of building the world's first alien embassy according to some local media reports. If these reports are to be believed, the authorities have already allocated a large plot of land in the city of Almaty for this ambitious project. Facilities to be built within the complex will include a guesthouse, theatre and translation service. A purpose built UFO landing pad and checkpoint will be attached to the embassy.

    Kazakhstan's government believes open contact with aliens is imminent and by being the first nation to specifically create such facilities they are convinced they will reap enormous financial and economic rewards. The Kazakhstan Government also see this as a chance to demonstrate their nations forward thinking policies.

    Currently it is generally accepted that aliens are making use of an underwater UFO base in the Caspian Sea which Kazakhstan borders. Fuad Gasimov, the head of neighbouring Azerbaijan's national Aerospace Agency has confirmed this to be the case and has gone on record stating the old USSR constantly monitored alien spaceships regularly entering the water but kept this a military secret. Gasimov himself was involved in this secret monitoring of UFOs when a department heat at the USSR's science academy.

    In addition to this, numerous UFO sightings occur in Kazakhstan where it is believed aliens take an interest in their massive natural resources. As recently as last year a UFO was reported as having crashed into a river in Kazakhstan.

    The head of Kazakhstan's space agency, Talgat Musabayev, is said to be heavily involved in the embassy project. Musabayev is an ex-cosmonaut who has spent many hours in space and is an ex-colleague of Gasimov. It is believed that he possesses a large amount of information on the aliens currently visiting earth.

    Kazakhstan's acceptance of the reality of alien visitors to earth has won it the admiration of many ufologists, especially those in the west, who wonder when their countries will follow this example."

    If the Extraterrestials ever come out of the closet the market craters.
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    I thought that story was from the Onion at first..

    There is a city in Iraq that Bible scholars have figured out is Satan's city, like Jerusalem is God's fav... This whole time we are in is said to be like the time of Noah... I love these mysteries so I read Antiquities by Josephus about the time of Noah... before the flood there was genetic manipulation done by Angels that came and took women for themselves.. they produced the giants that went down in history as the gods of various cultures... Noah was said to be "without blemish" that meant he was as God made people in the first place.. the Giants were mocking God and murder was rampant, probably the original genetically unaltered people were in danger of being destroyed. So God made the flood to wipe out the genetically altered mutants basically... now we have these UFO abductions where people are messed with in the oddest of ways.. Scholars from Harvard have investigated these matters, not because they believed the stories exactly but because the stories were so very much the same from every part of the world, they were compelled to look at it all ... it could be another attempt at genetic manipulation, same stuff different day sort of, more hidden, hidden behind a facade of technology but spiritual and evil and very much against God in origins... I don't find that most people that are interested in UFO's in a big way are interested in God that much, they never seem to say so if they are...

    After the great flood [still in the time of Noah though] Nimrod became the world leader. Animals reproduced faster than people did and that was a problem for the people's very survival. Nimrod was known as a might hunter, probably he had an army of hunters and builders, he built walled cities and made safe places for people and he was in charge. He was pissed at God for the flood though. He initiated the building of the Tower of Babel, I'm not sure what he expected to accomplish with that but it made him a spiritual leader of a new religion, maybe it increased his political power...

    If you look at the world situation of today you can draw parallels...
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  4. Extraterrestials are the real 800 lb Gorilla in the room.