Kazaa screwed

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    They have to pay $100 million to the 4 biggest record companies for copyright violations. Kazaa was developed by the Skype guys. Another similar service, Bearshare also paid $30 million in fines earlier this year.

    Well, I switched to Limewire long time ago. I wonder when their time is gonna come....
  2. cashonly

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    Kazaa were scumbags more than the rest... they loaded your system up with all sorts of ugly spyware.
  3. Pekelo


    True, but I was using their older version. Also they still provided you with free music... :)
  4. there's a program called Kazaa Lite that has the spyware removed

    i don't really use it anymore though
  5. LeroyB3


    Kazaa Light was taken down many years ago. Good luck finding a legitimate copy anywhere on the net. Why do it the highly legal way when you can at least do it the semi-legal way? You can go to allofmp3.com and pay like $2.50 tops for a whole CD and a few pennies for songs that are great quality. I've used it before and have been pleased. It's not as easy to download songs quickly, but still worth it in my opinion.

  6. Neodude


    If the RIAA members used this type of pricing in the first place, without aggravating their customers with copy protection schemes then they wouldn't have a problem with piracy in the first place. Sure their margins would decrease, but an increase in market share would compensate them for it.

  7. Pekelo


    How do you pay for it? Paypal doesn't allow payments to them anymore, because the record industry strongarmed them. Are you using one of those Russian payment services??? Or do you give them your CC info???

    As an answer to the post below: They are all Russia-based sites and they are using a loophole in the Russian understanding of the copyright laws. It wouldn't stand up in an international trade court...
  8. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Are they legit? Seems to low priced to be legit. The only thing worse than downloading illigit music is downloading it and PAYING for it!!!
  9. Sure no problem.

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    emule rules!
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