Kavanaugh is on fire

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  1. Kavanaugh is on fire. He is naming dates and names -- all backed up with calendars and facts.

    Very different than Ford's fact free commentary.
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    Makes sense.
    He's not lying.

    She's lying through her teeth.
    That's what you do when you have no evidence or corroborating witnesses.
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    At first she seemed credible, almost believable. At the end, it was sad. You realized this woman has a serious emotional issue.
    Her "testimony" did not reveal a single iota of new or credible information.
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  4. God dam it i am so sorry this is what humanity as stooped for5
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  5. This is a god damn shame, a national embarrassment. I am really hoping that at least one republican at this hearing lays into these no good motherfucking democratics in a big way. What in the hell are you thinking? Do you stupid bastards really believe that there will never be a democratic president again? Do you seriously think that the senate majority will never be democratic again? Is this the standard you want moving forward? Jesus Christ, how these people can live with themselves is beyond me.
  6. you know its one thing to disagee about a trade..

    its asnother to be be a cunt
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    no they just genuinely believe that those pussy-republicans and generally simpleton american people would not be as much assholes towards democrats as the democrats were to them and would not treat them back the way they treated them
    and they correct in their belief
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  8. Well, hopefully this man is inspiring at least one of them to man the fuck up and rip these bastards a new asshole.
  9. Well in fairness, they have plenty of evidence to back up feeling that way. Democrats were incensed that anyone would criticize Clinton for getting blow jobs from an intern in the Oval Office. But they want to make Kavanaugh into a registered sex offender. And Grassley meekly went along with it.
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    As in liar, liar/ pants on fire?
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