Katy Perry is HOT HOT

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    Is she marrying Borat?:confused: :D
  2. hot hot hot hot hot hot
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    Lol! I was just trying to be the sunshine killer for the day.:D I guess she's not marrying Borat, but he looks like him in that grey suit all scruffy, and wierd looking.

    Yes, she is a cutie though.:)
  4. That's not Borat, that's Russell Brand you idiots

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    "When I a buy my Wife, she cook good, she a strong on plow. And a three years later, when she turn fifteen, her voice get very deep: Borrrat, Borrrrat! Then, she a grow much hair on chest, and her vergeeen start to hang loose like sleeve of wizard.":D :D :D

    Borat as interviewed on David Letterman.

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  7. hot hot hot hot hot hot

    katy perry

    hot hot hot hot hot hot
  8. she's on snl tonight
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