katrina nonsense

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  1. A lot of idiot pundits are attributing George W. Bush mismanaging of Katrina for his decline in approval ratings, fall of favorability of republicans, and McCain's eventual loss. However, there is no compelling evidence Bush botched Katrina. Brownie and Bush both did a adequate job handling the aftermath of Katrina. Liberals complain about the superdome and supposedly delayed response. obviously Bush couldn't react instantaneously to the storm. first he had to ascertain the severity and the damage, and then formulate a rescue plan. As for the superdome where were the victims suposto stay? the Ritz? Hilton?
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    After the fact one sounds like an ass for sating the obvious.

    Those nice people (even the mean ones) chose to live in a hole in the ground near the coast.

    It was only a matter of time before the bad hurricane hit.

    Why does anyone think it is the governments responsibility to "bail them out"?

    Too many Americans believe government is there to take care of them.

    I am not a lawyer so if one here knows, is the government legally required to save us from natural disasters?
  3. An interviewer on the tube once interviewed a man living in a cardboard box , up north and in the middle of winter.

    The interviewer asked the man that since he could do no better than the box then why didn't he move to a warmer climate like Florida.

    The man replied that he had lived there all his life and furthermore all his friends and family lived there so he didn't want to move.

    Not a true story. Made it up many years ago.:D

    But I still feel like it has some basis in fact.